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The APEX4 CT ELITE (4DOF) racing simulator is a high end professional racing simulator in a compact footprint. 
Combine the most advanced motion simulator tech ever developed with the best in available motorsport controls, visual and auditory tech, and you have the APEX4 CT ELITE.  The ELITE product trim features a professionally assembled AV Rack for an in-house built, top of the line rackmount PC, and amplification for home theater quality 5.1 audio and tactile vibration systems.  With state of the art racing controls for precise steering, pedal, and shifter feel, you will soon forget that you are in a sim.
This hi-fidelity is possible because of SimCraft’s unique physics based motion simulation technology which is designed to recreate rigid body dynamics, i.e. how actual racecars move, rotate, and ultimately feel.  
The APEX4 CT has advanced motion simulation technology on 4 Degrees of Freedom.   Incorporating yaw, pitch, surge, and sway within an independent mechanical architecture allows the driver to race the simulated car with “seat of the pants” feel.

The SimCraft APEX4 CT ELITE racing simulator is a complete system that is fully assembled, configured, and factory tested. This system incorporates the best components available, and as follows:

APEX4 CT ELITE Components

Seat OMP HTE-R (Default) or MOMO Daytona or Sabelt GT-Pad
Wheel Simucube 2 PRO Direct-Drive Servo Force-Feedback, Precision Sim Engineering LM-PRO Wheel, Carbon Paddles
Pedals SimCraft (Tilton-based) PRO 3 Pedals (Throttle, Brake, Clutch)
Shifter Paddle Shifters, MME H-Pattern/Sequential Combo
Video Triple LG (21:9) 45″ 240Hz Curved OLED ARRAY @ .8m radius – 220 degree FOV
Home Theater Quality 5.1 Surround Audio with Klipsch Audio Speakers and Corsair Haptic Headphones
Home Theater Quality 5.1.2 Surround Audio with Klipsch Audio Speakers, (Dolby Atmos) and Corsair Haptic Headphones
Vibration 3 Vibration transducers (1 Clark Synthesis, 2 Dayton) with amplifier
Software iRacing Motorsport Simulations (or Assetto Corsa series, rFactor series, F1 series, DiRT series, etc.)
PC Rackmount, Intel i9 CPU, Corsair 64GB DDR5 RAM, nVidia RTX4090 Graphics, 2TB M.2 SSD, Windows 11, 1500W Corsair Power Supply, Corsair AIO Liquid Cooling
Extras Simulator Control Panel (Customizable StreamDeck Interface for Motion Adjustments and Sim Operation)
Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)
Data and Telemetry Display (DDU) Dashboard with integrated button box
Electronic pedal control
Overhead Cooling Fans
Audio Visual (AV) Rack
Adjustable Chassis Damping Shocks (compression and rebound) for Yaw and Roll

All required software is pre-installed and configured

Professionally Assembled & COMPLETE System

The APEX4 CT CORE (4DOF) racing simulator is everything you need in a complete professionally built racing simulator. 
This hi-fidelity is possible because of SimCraft’s unique physics based motion simulation technology which is designed to recreate rigid body dynamics, i.e. how actual racecars move, rotate, and ultimately feel.  
The APEX4 has advanced motion simulation technology on 4 Degrees of Freedom.   Incorporating yaw, pitch, surge, and sway within an independent mechanical architecture allows the driver to race the simulated car with “seat of the pants” feel.

The SimCraft APEX4 CT CORE racing simulator is a complete system that is fully assembled, configured, and factory tested. This system incorporates professional components, and as follows:

APEX4 CT CORE Components

Seat  GT Style Fiberglass racing seat in L or XL
Wheel  Simucube 2 PRO Direct-Drive Servo Force-Feedback, Precision GT3 Rim, Carbon Paddles
Pedals  SimCraft (Tilton-based) 2 Pedal Set (Throttle & Brake)
Shifter  Paddle Shifters
Video  Triple MSI 32″ 1000R Curved 2k 240hz Monitors
Audio  1000W THX Certified 5.1 Surround (z906)
Vibration  3 Vibration transducers (3 Dayton) with amplifier
Software  iRacing Motorsport Simulations (or Assetto Corsa series, rFactor series, F1 series, DiRT series, etc.)
PC Intel i7 CPU, Corsair 32GB DDR5 RAM, nVidia RTX4080 Graphics, 2TB M.2 SSD, Windows 11, 1500W Corsair Power Supply, Corsair AIO Liquid Cooling
Extras Simulator Control Panel (Customizable StreamDeck Interface for Motion Adjustments and Sim Operation)
Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)
Data and Telemetry Display (DDU) Dashboard with integrated button box
Electronic pedal control
Overhead Cooling Fans (GT Only)
ACE Box (Air Cooled Electronics Box)
Adjustable Chassis Damping Shocks (compression and rebound) for Yaw, Roll, and Surge (GT Only)

All required software is pre-installed and configured

build your own simcraft racing simulator

RTA = Ready to Assemble

For the more adventurous and do-it-yourself type of clients who wish to save some money and invest some time, OR for our specialized clients that wish to integrate their own systems to create their own product, we offer RTA models of our APEX model chassis.   An RTA model is comprised of the SimCraft manufactured motion chassis and motion technology, pre-assembled, with software.  The additional components to complete the sim (seat, visual, audio, controls, PC) are up to you, and we can optionally supply many of these parts.   Many of these components are also available commercially, off-the-shelf, from traditional and online retailers.   We can supply a complete list of recommended components upon request.

The APEX4 CT RTA is an incomplete system and is a base model product that allows system integrators, hobbyists, and DIY type-clients to build a SimCraft of their own, incorporating their own components.

The SimCraft APEX4 CT RTA racing simulator motion chassis is an incomplete simulator where you build and complete the system.   The chassis is fully built and shipped assembled.

APEX4 CT RTA Components

Seat Fiberglass GT seat in L or XL – Included
FF / Wheel NONE
Pedals Optional
Shifter NONE
Video NONE
Audio NONE
SoftwareSimCraft Control Panel and Motion Integration Suite


SimCraft motion tech on 4dof delivers the following feelings and sensations:

Motion Sensation

Affected DOF





Driving Surface Changes


Fore&Aft Weight Transfer




Racetrack Bumps


Lateral G-Load


Side Wall Deflection


Longitudinal G-Load


Vehicle Acceleration


Vehicle Deceleration


Left&Right Weight Transfer


High-Incline Banking


Corner Camber


Vertical G-Load


Suspension Compression

heave & pitch

Side slip

sway & yaw

Terrain changes

pitch & roll

Curbing and Rumble Strips

pitch & roll

When you can feel the limit of adhesion in your sim, unlimited seat time for driver development at a fixed cost is real.

All SimCraft units (except RTA spec) include pre-installed and pre-configured software in several categories:  Simulation Software such as, the SimCraft Control Panel which serves as both the motion control system and overall simulator manager, and additional supporting software such as Simucube True Drive.

Simulation Software Motorsport Simulations software has been a standard for SimCraft units since 2009.  We offer additional software such as the Assetto Corsa series, the rFactor series, the F1 series, and the DiRT series, among others.  A complete list of available software, compatible with SimCraft motion technology can be found here:  Compatible Racing Sims

SimCraft Control Panel

The SimCraft Control Panel (CraftCon) is the central hub of all SimCraft units.   From CraftCon, several dozen motion interfaces for any Windows PC based racing game are managed, and more importantly the real-time tuning and motion profile system for easy personalized customization of SimCraft motion technology.  Since every human is different, our motion tech is designed specifically to be tailored to every driver’s unique perception.  Adjustments to 20 parameters can be performed in realtime while racing.  Several baseline motion profiles are provided for fine tuning.  CraftCon also includes quick access to almost all Windows functions and serves as an overall operating and management system for our clients.

Additional Software

Software such as Simucube Test Drive and SimHub are also pre-installed and configured.  Test Drive controls the performance details of the direct-drive force feedback steering system.  SimHub is a feature rich dashboarding system that drives the data display unit, showing lap times, track maps, and many other customizable options.

Craftware SDK

The Craftware SDK is available to all SimCraft clients for custom developed motion interfaces for any bespoke or otherwise privately licensed user application.  The SDK includes full documentation and sample code.

All SimCraft APEX units are priced to include full assembly and factory testing, but additionally the training of the driver (or drivers) on the operation of the system, and follow-on product support for 3 years.


Training is always included in the pricing for SimCraft APEX systems.   For clients who opt for delivery and installation of their SimCraft simulator, our installation team is prepared to train you on everything from general usage of the sim, operation of the simulation software (such as, usage of the SimCraft Control Panel, supporting software applications, and even generic Windows OS usage.  The time required for training is based on our clients existing operational knowledge of the system.   For example, clients already familiar with iRacing (or supplied application software) and the WindowsOS will require much less time for training.   Clients with no WindowsOS or iRacing knowledge will take several hours longer.  Plan for a half day of training, with additional time for each addon application.   For shipped APEX units, we offer included remote training sessions to get you up to speed on all of the same topics as our onsite service.

Product Support

All APEX units include a 3-year support agreement.

SimCraft clients contact our support team by E-Mail, Web Form, Phone or Text Message. The support agreement covers everything supplied with your SimCraft system including:

  • SimCraft Motion System, hardware and software
  • Hardware Components (such as Simucube) with supporting software
  • Windows OS Usage
  • Basic usage of application software (such as

Lead Times

Standard lead times for APEX systems vary and are dependent on our production capacity (which is always growing), our backlog of committed orders, the quantity of units for your order, and any customization requests requiring research and development.  For time sensitive clients, we can usually offer accelerated options, or have aftermarket options to consider.  Clients with long lead times of 12+ months qualify for a long lead product discount.  Contact us to obtain a lead time estimate or a formal quotation.


Formal quotes are provided for all SimCraft APEX systems as requested.  Your quotation will cover all product related details and expected lead time.  Your customized quote will require basic client information such as name, contact details, and installation address.  Product options such as chassis color, seat selection, addon flight simulator controls, addon steering wheels, addon software applications, etc. can also be included in your quotation.


For standard lead-time orders we structure 2 payments, a 50% production deposit and a 50% balance payment.  The balance payment is collected at the time of installation, or at the time of shipping for clients opting to install the sim themselves.  Your quoted lead time begins on the day your 50% production deposit is received.

Long lead time clients make 3 payments: a 20% pre-production deposit, a 30% production payment, and a 50% balance payment.  The 20% pre-production deposit locks in your product price and quoted lead time.   The 30% production payment is collected 6 months before your quoted fulfillment lead time, and the 50% balance payment is collected upon order fulfillment either by way of installation or shipping.

It is not uncommon for our field and event teams to find time-sensitive clients ready to get their SimCraft APEX unit into production.  We accept credit card deposits of $10,000 in these cases which allows our new client to enter our production queue, and begin the quoted lead-time.  Under these circumstances, we will collect the remaining funds due toward the 50% production deposit within 10 business days.

Payment Methods

Accepted payment methods include personal or business checks, electronic wire transfers, or ACH payments.  All major credit cards can be used for up to $10,000 toward your 50% production deposit.

Delivery / Installation or Crating / Shipping

Delivery & Installation or Crating & Shipping of your SimCraft is quoted.

Delivery / Installation

All SimCraft APEX units are designed for installation, almost anywhere.  Modular design allows any APEX unit to be disassembled and reassembled, which means if you have an interior room, a basement, a man cave, an office, or a spacious attic, there is a good chance your SimCraft APEX unit can be installed there.  A 32″ door and 36″ hallways are usually required, but we have accommodated clients with restrictions.  If you aren’t sure if your ideal spot will work, give us a call or setup a consultation.  Installation services are provided worldwide.


If you are a client that is picking up your sim from our factory, our staff will assist you with the preparation and execution of your load-up.

Crated Shipments, Installation by Client

Clients that are receiving a crated shipment and managing their own installation, your SimCraft will be shipped LTL.  If you plan to receive a large crate at your residence or a location without a loading dock, we have a proven procedure to offload the sim from the delivery truck. All SimCraft units are built 100% in our factory and burned-in, validating the configuration and setup. When crated and shipped, both side screens (if applicable) are removed prior to shipment. Once the sim arrives and is removed from its crate, remounting of the side screens is required, taking under an hour of time. In these cases, we train you on operational and application usage remotely.

Delivery and Installation outside the Continental USA

SimCraft units have been shipped to and installed in over 20 countries worldwide.  

Chassis Colors

APEX units are powder coated and have seven standard chassis colors


Textured Flat Black
Gloss White
Metallic Silver
Metallic Charcoal
Gloss Blue
Rosso Corsa Red
Gloss Black


We always recommend a textured black cockpit assembly (the inner most assembly for driver, seat, controls, etc.) as this coating is most durable for wear and tear.

Customized Chassis Colors

For our client with a specific color in mind, or for our clients looking to match a corporate color or historic livery, we offer thousands of powder coat colors for a customized look.  Once your sim is in production, we will work directly with you to get the color or colors you desire for your SimCraft.

Addon Steering Wheels

Steering wheels come in many shapes, sizes and functionality.  Addon steering wheels for the various forms of motorsport are available a la carte.

Addon Flight Controls

SimCraft motion technology was born in flight simulation and we continue to support flight sim software such as Microsoft Flight Simulator, X-Plane, and Digital Combat Simulations.  Many of our clients enjoy modular flight controls on their APEX sim.  Included in this package is a Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS system and Precision Flight Controls Rudder pedals, along with a license for MSFS, X-Plane, or DCS, and setup and usage training.  With our quick release mounts for these controls, switching between racing mode and flight mode takes just a few minutes.

Addon Software Titles

SimCraft motion supports dozens of racing and flight simulation software titles, and therefor your APEX simulator can be utilized on these many different simulation programs and games.   For each software title added, your system will be setup and licensed, and you will also receive additional training on the operation of all addon software.

Branded Panels & Graphics

For our clients who have customization and on sim branding in mind, we offer branded panels and graphic design services to make your SimCraft APEX standout.

Sequential / Handbrake Option

For our clients looking for a rally car style shifter setup with a floor sequential and handbrake.

APEX systems are complete high-fidelity racing simulators that incorporate SimCraft’s proprietary, physics based, motion simulator technology. Our method and proven philosophy is designed to recreate rigid body dynamics, more specifically, recreate how any rigid body (vehicles and aircraft) move through Earth physics.  Rigid Body Dynamics has taught us that an object such as a car or a plane (both rigid bodies) rotate around three degrees of freedom, and translate along these same axes.  The origin of all 6 possible motions is at the center of mass of the rigid body.  The 6 degrees of freedom are also all independent from each other.  SimCraft motion technology follows these same known principles.  In a SimCraft motion simulator, all degrees of freedom are independent and additionally they all rotate or translate at the center of mass of the cockpit assembly (in this case, also a rigid body)

Degrees of Freedom: Pitch, Yaw, Surge and Sway

Pitch25°(+/- 12.5°)Rotation around the lateral axis
Yaw40° (+/- 20°)Rotation around the vertical axis
Surge8″(+/- 100mm)Translation along the longitudinal
Sway2″(+/- 25mm)Translation along the lateral axis

Max Rotational Speed: 60 °/s
Max Rotational Acceleration:  2400 °/s²

Max Linear Speed: 0.67 f/s  (.204 m/s)
Max Linear Acceleration: 26.8 f/s²   (8.19 m/s²)

Max Heave Speed: 1.5 f/s  (.48 m/s)
Max Linear Acceleration: 60 f/s²   (18.29 m/s²)

Max Payload:  600lb  (272kg)

Axis Alignment: Mutually Perpendicular[?]
Synchronization: Simultaneous and Independent Axis Control[?]
Position Resolution: .002°  (Accuracy)
Repeatability: .02° | 0.00035 rad
Interpretive Interval: < 1ms  (Latency)

Chassis Build Quality – MADE IN THE USA since 2008

APEX systems feature a super-strong, TIG welded, tubular carbon steel, handmade chassis, built in-house at SimCraft HQ in Marietta, GA. With a robust 8th generation design suitable for high speed motion simulation, its strength and rigidity allow for unmatched performance and the highest standard in durability and longevity with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Component Versatility and Future Proofing

Simulator components such as display monitors will all eventually be obsolete and something better inevitably will be available.  SimCraft chassis are designed for component versatility and modularity.   Should you choose to upgrade your sim several years after purchase, new components can be integrated and utilized on your chassis with minimal effort.

Cockpit Adjustments

Human ergonomic adjustments are a key attribute of APEX systems for customizable preference for seating position and the driver’s relationship to their racing controls.


No. of Adjustments

Position Adjustments



Height, Tilt, Lateral, Fore & Aft



Tilt, Lateral, Fore & Aft



Fore & Aft (by electronic control), and laterally



Height, Angle to Driver



Height, Distance from driver, and angle of side screens

Chassis Upgrade Path

The SimCraft manufactured chassis utilized on APEX units are modularly designed, and are upgradeable.   Clients who start with a 2DOF CT unit on our smaller platform can upgrade an additional 2DOF up to 4DOF.   Clients who start with our 3DOF GT unit in our larger platform can upgrade over time to a 6DOF. 


Operating Length and Width is variable, determined by side screen size(s), side screen angles, and AV Rack or ACE Box location.  Dimensioned drawings are provided below to see all of the various configurations:








Operating Dimensions – Configuration Dependent

MAX 8′ x 8′ (2.4m x 2.4m)

MIN 6′ x 5′ (1.8m x 1.5m)


SimCraft APEX units have been installed in residences, offices, garages, car condos, race shops, research facilities, rehabilitation centers, and academic institutions since 2009.  We have seen it all and are intimately familiar with the right conditions for a perfect installation.

Power Requirements

A dedicated 20A circuit for 110/120V supply power is suggested for this unit.  (10A at 220/240V supply)


The data needs for your SimCraft are dictated by the application software you choose to use.  Modern Wifi is generally sufficient for simulator data needs, but racing with online human competitors is better in a wired LAN.  Bandwidth is not the only consideration however, reliability is also a factor.   Wifi is generally stable from device interference, but wired LAN is always connected.


APEX systems can be installed on carpet, rugs, or mats.   If your desired location for your sim is tile, hardwood, concrete, or vinyl, you will need to consider a mat or a rug for the sim to live and operate on.   We can supply basic matting upon request.

Conditioned Air

While all SimCraft APEX systems are built for reliability and durability, conditioned air for your sim installation location is a big consideration for the long term health of your sim.  Stainless steel hardware is used through the unit, but surface rust is still possible for garage or warehouse installs with no conditioned air and in the wrong climate.   More importantly, this is a system with lots of electronics and operating temperatures for the supplied electronic components is documented below.

Operating Temperature


Low-Temp Spec

High-Temp Spec

Systems and Components

41° F / 5° C

100° F / 38°C


Warranty: Limited Lifetime

A Limited Lifetime full part replacement warranty is included on all SimCraft APEX simulators for 3 years, including all electronic components and actuation technology.  The chassis itself is warrantied forever to the original purchaser.  

Warranty Details

License: End User License

APEX systems are suitable for Performance Training, Driver Development, Race and Automotive Engineering, Clinical Research and Rehabilitation, Education, and Personal Enjoyment.  Usage of the product in these disciplines is extended to all of our clients without restriction or cost.

Commercial usage of our systems in a revenue generating model is also available, but is licensed separately from our end user license agreement.