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Apex6 Full Motion Racing Simulator_2021
6DOF PRO Full Motion Racing Simulator

APEX, from SimCraft, is the premier “professional racing simulator” product lineup for racing driver training.   APEX racing simulators are designed to *realistically* simulate race car feel and provide competitors an invaluable asset for driver development and track preparation.  As a result, unlimited seat time in the comfort of your home is a reality.  First launched in January 2009, the SimCraft flagship product line has been in development, and in production, for over a decade.  Compatible with iRacing, Gran Turismo, Assetto Corsa, Forza Motorsport, Project CARS, and many others.    APEX motion simulators are installed in homes, mancaves, garages, car condos, clubs, and race shops across planet Earth.

How Advanced?   How Realistic?  APEX Cockpit to 6DOF “Full Motion”

Designed around the only motion simulation method which feels like driving a race car at speed and with price points from $10,000 to over $130,000.  In other words, there is no more extensive or more advanced product line in professional racing simulators.  The product line starts with the APEX cockpit which is made from race-class round tube DOM steel, and TIG welded in the SimCraft factory.   Above all, the cockpit is robust and versatile.  Additionally, the APEX cockpit is ergonomically designed and boasts extensive adjustments for virtually any racing pedals, steering wheels, racing seats, and shifters.  In addition, compatibility for many visual options is supported as well, including all types of single or triple screen setups as well as VR.  The APEX motion chassis can be purchased separately as a base model, or as a complete unit with a component package which is detailed below.

Full Service Installation and Training

All APEX systems are assembled and configured in our Atlanta, GA USA factory.    Factory pickup assistance and training at our facility is included with all APEX products.   But we also routinely deploy our well trained and extremely courteous simulator installers all over the world to install APEX units, wherever they need to go.

For a flat fee dependent on installation location, SimCraft offers full service delivery, installation, and onsite training.   Here is what is included:

  1. Delivery of the APEX unit anywhere on planet Earth.  
  2.  Installation almost anywhere (including disassembly/reassembly if required)
  3. Travel expenses for the SimCraft installation crew
  4. A half day of in-person training on the racing simulator hardware, and usage of selected racing simulator software such as iRacing, rFactor, Assetto Corsa, Project CARS, and others.

We also quote custom service arrangements such as crating, shipping and remote training on the operation of any APEX product.   Schedule a free consultation.

Motion Versatility, 6 Different Motion Simulation Models, all Realistic Motion

APEX3S 3dof motion simulator
APEX3S 3dof motion simulator

Each system has built in motion simulator upgradeability to incorporate roll, pitch, yaw, surge, sway and heave down the road at a later time.   Additionally, all design, engineering, and fabrication is performed in-house, therefore SimCraft can also customize to suit your specific, bespoke/customzed, application needs. Motion simulator models start at the Yaw and Pitch APEX2 with oversteer and understeer feel.  Additional degrees of freedom can be added over time.  As a result, you can ultimately scale up to a unit that incorporates all 6 degrees of freedom, also known in the industry as “Full Motion”.  

Unlimited combinations of components

There are many, many, combinations of commercially available components that are integrated into the simulator to complete the unit.   As a result, there are many options to choose from.  Racing seats, display technologies such as 4K high refresh rate monitors and VR, vibration systems, and audio options comprise some of the options.   Racing pedals, steering wheels, force feedback technology, and other options such as electronically adjusted pedals are also either designated in a trim package, or customizable to suit your particular needs.   Desktop or laptop?   iRacing or GT Sport?   The various APEX chassis are extremely versatile and full of options.

  • BASE Model:   Chassis and SimCraft motion technology
  • PRO: Complete System, Professional Controls, New tech and features, small footprint and larger footprint packages
  • SPORTComplete System, Professional Controls, Compact (5′ x 4′)
  • Custom:  Completely customize the options for your sim
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