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SimCraft APEX Racing Simulators, Advanced Motion Tech

APEX, from SimCraft, is the premier “professional racing simulator” product lineup for racing driver training.   APEX racing simulators are designed to *realistically* simulate race car feel and provide competitors an invaluable asset for driver development and track preparation.  As a result, unlimited seat time in the comfort of your home is a reality.  First launched in January 2009, the APEX product line has been in production for over a decade.  Compatible with iRacing, Assetto Corsa, rFactor series, and many others.  APEX motion simulators are installed in race shops, homes, mancaves, garages, car condos, and motorsports clubs across planet Earth.

How Advanced?   How Realistic?

SimCraft has developed a motion simulation technology that recreates the rigid-body dynamics of a vehicle.  The motions of a car or a plane are well known and predictable in a specific area of study within physics.   SimCraft motion tech is designed to follow these principles and laws of motion.  The APEX product line has been developed to incorporate this motion tech, which is why drivers of all experience agree, it feels like driving a race car at speed.   Motion simulation that feels real to professional race car drivers is our benchmark for realism.


Model Categories


The APEX product line has 2 model categories:   GT and CT

GT models are larger footprint (8′ x 6′) with 4 to choose from:   (APEX3, APEX4, APEX5, and the APEX6)

CT models are smaller footprint (5′ x 4′) with 3 to choose from:  (APEX2, APEX3, APEX4)

All models incorporate SimCraft motion technology with various combinations of the 6 degrees of freedom.   A modular design approach allows our clients to upgrade and add additional degrees of freedom to their APEX simulator if they so desire.  


Component Packages:  RTA, CORE, ELITE

There are many, many, combinations of commercially available components that can be integrated into a SimCraft simulator.   As a result, there are many options to choose from.  Racing seats, display technologies such as 4K high refresh rate monitors and VR, vibration systems, and audio options comprise some of the options.   Racing pedals, steering wheels, force feedback technology, are also either designated in a component package, or customizable to suit your particular needs.   ELITE and CORE are complete system packages with some details of each below.

ELITE: Home Theater quality audio and vibe, Advanced curved triple screens & VR, Custom Finish, A/V Rack
CORE: Pro Controls, Triple 4K monitors, Desktop Gaming PC, 5.1 Audio, Vibe
RTA:  (Ready to Assemble) Chassis and SimCraft motion tech for system integrators and enthusiasts
OR customize your components:  Completely customize the options for your SimCraft APEX simulator