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SimCraft Driver Science Explained - Physics Matters for Translational Seat Time

The Sports Science behind Why Driver Development is More Effective with an Accurate Racing Simulator


Multiple Professional and Amateur Drivers were independently tested in various pieces of industry hardware for Accuracy of Physics, Pulmonary, Physiological, and Neurological scientific data, comparing the simulated equivalent to the real life racing experience.  The vehicle and track used in the simulated environment were identical to the study done in the real world vehicle and track.  The analysis is clear:

“SimCraft Motion Simulators use the correct combination of physical, auditory, and visual stimuli that more closely replicates the actual race car, as compared to other simulation hardware.

Thereby, drivers on SimCraft motion technology get the proper feedback, which promotes learning, to allow improvement in driving performance. The absence of the proper stimuli in other equipment delivers incorrect feedback, which over time, cognitively fatigues the drivers, both in loss of concentration and attention, impairs learning, and leads to slower lap times.”

-Dr. David Ferguson, PHD FACSM CEP, Michigan State University Spartan Motorsport Performance Laboratory

The SimCraft Difference – Why motion simulation with physics works

It is time to understand SimCraft motion technology and why a physics based approach is the most accurate methodology for motion simulation.

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Sean Patrick MacDonald runs through some details of SimCraft’s motion science and why it’s important for drivers to understand the major differences between a sim racing rig and a driver development solution. 

Understand the Science here:

Why Physical, Neurological, Pulmonary, and Physiological Accuracy is Necessary for Translational Seat Time

Translational seat time is possible through simulation.  However, the most effective way a racing driver can improve is the practice of building muscle memory with a true to life simulation environment.  The more faithful the sim environment is to the real world, the more effective the simulation is for building correct muscle memory.

Scientific experts, Dr. Jim Osborn (Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer Research) and Wayne Taylor Racing Driver Science expert Scott Ackerman, (CoreSyte Driver Sciences) discuss the importance of Physical, Neurological, and Physiological Accuracy in simulation.

Driver Development Results from SimCraft users

SimCraft racing simulators have been proven to effectively accelerate driver development and in many cases replace costly and time consuming trips to the track.

SimCraft has been instrumental in the driver development of many race professionals around the world.  SimCraft Factory Driver Jordan Taylor and Professional Driver Coach and Driver Jason Hart on why it’s important to have accurate motion simulation equipment with proper vehicle dynamics in order to develop the correct techniques and skills. 


NASA’s Gimbal Rig – Recreating Physics

How all vehicles move in and out of Earth’s gravity can be recreated.  NASA knew this decades ago.   This recreation of physics is the same approach used by SimCraft.

Have you ever seen the NASA Micro Gravity Orbital Trainer in action?

Why did NASA use this approach to simulating motion?

The Answer:  This is how vehicles actually move and why physics matter.