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SimCraft is a market leader in motion simulator technology and a leading racing simulator developer.  APEX, a line of “professional racing simulators“, is an application of SimCraft motion technology.  SimCraft manufacturers an array of APEX models with varying degrees of freedom up to the APEX6 PRO a “Full Motion Racing Simulator” or “6DOF Racing Simulator” with motion on all 6 degrees of freedom.  Manufactured just outside Atlanta, GA USA since 2005.   Setup a demo or consultation

Complete Professional Racing Simulators, Driver Development and Engineering

At the heart of every sim built by SimCraft is a proprietary full cockpit motion simulation technology SimCraft motion simulators have helped many pro and amateur drivers get valuable seat time that translates to on track results because SimCraft motion is designed to feel like the motions of a car.   From seasoned professional racing drivers to beginners, SimCraft APEX racing simulators are highly valued for extremely realistic recreation of high speed car control.  If you have never driven a SimCraft simulator of any kind, setup a demo to learn firsthand what state of the art motion simulation feels like.       

Sim Racing Pedals are an important aspect to any good racing simulator.   SimCraft builds a few different sets of simracing pedals using the Tilton 600 Series line of real world racing pedals.   With proper brake feel for both GT/Stockcars and Formula/Prototypes, a clutch that has a “bite-point”, and many levels of adjustability, SimCraft pedals are installed in all APEX Pro Racing Simulators.

SimRacing Pedals, Tilton SimCraft Pro Pedals for Racing Simulators
SimCraft Tilton SimRacing Pedals - 2 pedal
SimRacing Pedals, Tilton SimCraft Pro Pedals for Racing Simulators
SimCraft Tilton PRO Pedals - 3 pedal

SimCraft is an international distributor for Simucube and Simucube2 direct-drive force feedback simracing steering technology:

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