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SimCraft is the market leader in motion simulator development through the extensive APEX product line and offers the only motion simulation technology that accurately recreates Earth physics and real race car feeling.  Offering a truly “professional racing simulator” lineup for driver development and training, with flexibility and customization in both product and services. SimCraft’s unique real feel motion technology has helped many drivers get extremely valuable seat time that actually translates to on track results.   From seasoned professional racing drivers to beginners, SimCraft APEX racing simulators are highly valued for extremely realistic recreation of high speed car control.  If you have never driven a SimCraft, you have no idea how good motion simulation done correctly can feel.   Setup a demo or consultation today!

Professional Racing Simulators, Driver Development and Engineering

SimRacing and Entertainment, More Realistic = More FUN

Advanced motion simulation technology based on Earth physics is more effective for real-world race training and motorsport engineering, but as it turns out it there is a direct correlation between simulator realism and simracing fun.   Feeling the performance of the racecar in iRacing, Assetto Corsa, rFactor, Project CARS, Gran Turismo, or Forza might even make you faster and more competitive, this is not uncommon for SimCraft users.  Either way, one thing is certain, using SimCraft in any aspect of your racing simulator setup, or simrig, will make your setup more realistic.

SimRacing Cockpits, Base Model Racing Simulator Chassis and Motion

Complete Racing Simulators, Prosumer / Enthusiast Components

SimRacing Pedals are an important aspect to any good racing simulator.   SimCraft builds a few different sets of simracing pedals using the Tilton 600 Series line of real world racing pedals.   

SimCraft Tilton SimRacing Pedals - 2 pedal
SimCraft Tilton PRO Pedals - 3 pedal
Simucube 2 Sport, Direct Drive Froce Feedback, SimRacing
Simucube 2 Sport
Simucube 2 Pro
Simucube 2 Pro
Simucube 2 Ultimate