Manufactured in Marietta, GA USA | Installed Everywhere
Manufactured in Marietta, GA USA
Installed Everywhere

Professionally Manufactured
Racing and Flight Simulators

SimCraft is the market leader in motion simulator technology and a leading simulator manufacturer.  SimCraft produces an array of models for racing simulation and flight simulation, with varying degrees of freedom up to the APEX6 GT, the first and only “Full Motion Racing Simulator with independent degrees of freedom.
At the heart of every sim built by SimCraft is a proprietary motion simulation technology that has helped many pro and amateur drivers get valuable seat time, translating to countless podiums and dozens of championships.   From seasoned professional racing drivers to amateurs learning racecraft, SimCraft is highly valued for extremely realistic recreation of high speed car control.  If you have never driven a SimCraftsetup a demo to learn firsthand the importance and value of state of the art motion simulation.