Manufactured in Marietta, GA USA | Installed Everywhere
Manufactured in Marietta, GA USA
Installed Everywhere

APEX CT and GT BASE Models :: Chassis and Motion System Configurator


  • BASE Models are barebones APEX Chassis and Motion Systems and are ready to accept your components
  • The chassis color is textured black
  • Written instructions for disassembly and reassembly, component mounting details, and wiring diagrams, are all included
  • Support for your chassis and motion software is included via e-mail, phone, and remote access
  • All BASE model hardware will fit through a standard 32″ door (with some disassembly and reassembly)
  • Motion simulator software is included, compatible with these racing simulators and flight simulators.
  • Configure your system below and one of our team members will prepare your formal quote with production lead time
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Includes texture black powder coating, stainless hardware, and assembly. All models are shipped fully-assembled. All models also include an assembly toolkit. Software is downloaded and installed by client with a half day of remote setup and operational training included.

Racing Controls

FF Devices supplied with power and signal cables, mounting bracket, stainless hardware. Fanatec DD1 and DD2 are also compatible.
Heel plate, mounting plate, and dead pedal are included, as well as 2 brake cylinders (3.5" travel / 2" travel), additional alternate springs and adjustments, stainless hardware
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