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BUILD YOUR OWN – Customize your own SimCraft 


APEX Ready to Assemble Summary

  • APEX RTA (Ready To Assemble) Simulators are REDUCED in price from the APEX PRO version
  • You save by taking on the work associated with component mounting, systems integration, wiring, and software installation
  • APEX RTA motion chassis are crated and shipped assembled
  • All additional components purchased are shipped with the APEX RTA chassis with required brackets, hardware, and required cables
  • The standard chassis color is textured black, unless customization arrangements are made
  • Written instructions for disassembly and reassembly, component mounting details, and wiring diagrams, are all included
  • Support for your sim building efforts is included via e-mail, phone, and remote access
  • All APEX RTA chassis will fit through a standard 32″ door (unassembled)
  • Motion simulator software is included and links with 80 software platforms (iRacing, Assetto Corsa, Project Cars, rFactor, etc.)
  • Configure your unit below and one of our team members will develop a quote with shipping estimates
Build Your Own SimCraft Racing Simulator
$ 0.00
Includes texture black powder coating, stainless hardware, and assembly. Units are shipped semi-assembled with instructions and support for finishing the assembly process. ALL UNITS include a complete assembly toolkit.
Seating includes mounting brackets and hardware, and any modifications depending on your VIBRATION option below. Seats are modified before shipment to integrate vibration transducers for the 6 Transducer System.
Select a simulator computing system.

Audio / Visual Options

Visuals option includes all mounting brackets for chassis, stainless hardware, power and signal wires. DESKTOP required for Triple Setup.
Includes mountings for chassis, stainless hardware, speaker wiring, subwoofer, 5 satellite speakers, controller, remote control
Includes VR Headset, hand controllers, mountings for hand controllers


FF Devices supplied with power and signal cables, mounting bracket, stainless hardware.
SimRacing Pedals comes with heel plate, mounting plate, dead pedal, 2 brake cylinders (3.5" travel / 2" travel), additional alternate springs and adjustments, stainless hardware
Shifter includes chassis mounting, stainless hardware, USB adapter and wiring.


System comes with amplifier, transducers, mounting brackets for sim chassis, wiring, and hardware. Transducers are ready for mounting.
Precision Sim Engineering Data Display Unit comes with Mount and License to Z1 Dashboard Software
The SimCraft APEX Components and Electronics Box houses PC, Amplifiers, Subwoofer, etc. A good storage system for all of the accompanying sim components and wiring.
$ 0.00

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