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Chassis and Motion System Configurator


APEX Chassis and Motion Systems Summary

  • APEX Chassis and Motion Systems are BASE Models ready to accept your components.
  • All additional components purchased are shipped with required brackets, hardware, and required cables
  • The standard chassis color is textured black, unless customization arrangements are made
  • Written instructions for disassembly and reassembly, component mounting details, and wiring diagrams, are all included
  • Support for your chassis and motion software is included via e-mail, phone, and remote access
  • All APEX Chassis and Motion System hardware will fit through a standard 32″ door (unassembled)
  • Motion simulator software is included and links with 80 software platforms (iRacing, Assetto Corsa, Project Cars, rFactor, etc.)
  • Configure your unit below and one of our team members will develop a quote with shipping estimates
Configure Your Chassis and Motion System
$ 0.00
Includes texture black powder coating, stainless hardware, and assembly. Units are shipped semi-assembled with instructions and support for finishing the assembly process. ALL UNITS include a complete assembly toolkit.
Seating includes mounting brackets and hardware, and any modifications depending on your VIBRATION option below. Seats are modified before shipment to integrate vibration transducers for the 6 Transducer System.


FF Devices supplied with power and signal cables, mounting bracket, stainless hardware.
SimRacing Pedals comes with heel plate, mounting plate, dead pedal, 2 brake cylinders (3.5" travel / 2" travel), additional alternate springs and adjustments, stainless hardware


$ 0.00

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