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SimCraft has been working with professional race car drivers to develop the APEX professional racing simulator product lineup, as well as SimCraft motion simulator technology in general, for 15 years.  A primary reason SimCraft motion feels so real is because of this pro racing driver feedback and collaboration.

"SimCraft APEX Racing Simulators provide the best feedback and is the best representation of what we do as race car drivers in real life. You can spend tens of millions of dollars on a driving simulator and you wouldn't even get what you get with a SimCraft APEX6. For me, it's the most pure thing you can find for a driver, it gives you everything you want from a driving perspective, the driving experience. Where as some of the other (simulators), they have tons of motion, they look fantastic, but they aren't giving the driver what they need to feel what the racecar is doing. That's what the engineer needs, he needs that direct feedback that you are getting, and for me the SimCraft APEX6 is giving you exactly that."
"I have been in motion simulators before and they were not that accurate...and then I drove the SimCraft motion is second to none."
most realistic racing simulator the only sim with Motion Simulation based on physics
Denny Hamlin
3-time Daytona 500 Champion and NASCAR Cup Driver
"SimCraft is the most realistic simulation solution on the market. Not only is it a great training tool, but it’s incredibly fun, that’s the most important part. All of the controls feel super realistic and very connected to the software solutions. Having the unit at the race shop has been very valuable to our on-track performance."
most realistic racing simulator the only sim with Motion Simulation based on physics
Justin Algaier
NASCAR Cup and XFinity Driver
There is no other race-day preparation better than my SimCraft sim time, period. Running a real car on a real track is extremely expensive and time consuming. Using my APEX6 machine, I get to learn a new track or refresh my memory of a familiar track. I get to dial in shifting, brake points, turn in points, apex timing, and real lap times for a specific car and tire. For me, using my SimCraft before an event is equal to a half of running a real car at the actual track. Using this thought pattern, the APEX6 pays for itself within two races.
Having not grown up with racing simulators, I wasn't aware of how valuable they can be. This year, more than ever, with a new car and with new racetracks, I have become dependent on SimCraft not only for learning the new tracks but also for the transition between GT and Prototype cars. Because of the realism of SimCraft, I show up prepped and ready for my first hot lap, already on pace without thinking about turns, brake points, or what gear to be in.
Katherine Legge, pro driver
Katherine Legge
IMSA Pro Driver
"There is only one style of sim I can drive, it has to be a SimCraft APEX. SimCraft is the only sim I have driven where the motion feels natural, like driving a race car!"
Spencer Pumpbelly
IMSA & SRO WC Driver
"I used to strongly dislike sims until I drove an APEX4 from SimCraft, and before I finished my first lap, my opinion of sims completely changed. I had driven a couple before that moved the seat around and since my seat does not move around in my car, I found seat mover type sims unrealistic to drive."
Andy Lally
"With racing governing bodies restricting testing, driver seat time has been impacted the most. Therefore simulators become an important part in a driver's preparation leading up to a season. The brake pedal effort and sensation is really close to real life and the feedback at the wheel and the strength needed to drive it gives me a good workout as well."
Simon Pagenaud
IndyCar Driver , Penske
"Most Pros agree, SimCraft has a motion feel that replicates real world racecars with great accuracy. An area where SimCraft truly separates themselves is the customer support experience, their always available approach makes owning a complex sim worry free. SimCraft’s constant development to outperform keeps them at the front of the simulator industry. Purchase with confidence!"
"I get the opportunity to hop on my SimCraft for an hour or two at night instead of watching TV. It is so convenient and easy that it is almost a time-machine. It enables me to stay very sharp between events. I am a businessman who can’t be at the race track driving every single weekend. But with my APEX6, I feel like I have the same opportunity to refine my skill and my preparation as my professional teammates."
Gentlemen racing driver ben keating
Ben Keating
IMSA & WEC Driver
The functionality (of the APEX6) is actually really incredible...having this kind of tunability and adjustability is not something I am used to in this level sim. There is no doubt that this is the future of testing and developing race cars and race drivers.
"The real physics approach to motion simulation just works, best for feeling proper car control in the sim, and for driver development, better than anybody!"
"SimCraft makes, by far, the best racing simulation equipment there is. You really have to drive SimCraft motion technology to appreciate how good and how realistic it is."
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