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Full Motion Flight Simulator
Full Motion Flight Simulator, Stewart hexapod
Full Motion Racing Simulator
SimCraft APEX6 GTS, Full Motion Racing Simulator

What is a Full Motion simulator?

A simulator defined by the flight simulation industry many decades ago as a simulator with all six degrees of freedom, roll, pitch, yaw, surge, sway, and heave. (what are the six degrees of freedom?) All six are required in a simulator to qualify for the full motion designation. This terminology was established in the 1950s, but is largely misused today

Historically, the full motion designation was assigned only to a simulator product that contained a hexapod style solution for motion simulator., invented in 1952, has been the only simulator methodology that can claim full motion, until now. The APEX6, representing motion on all 6 degrees of freedom, is a completely different approach to a decades old hexapod standard, and boasts major advantages such as independent degrees of freedom, relative degrees of freedom, and low energy consumption.

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