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Race Engineering and DIL (Driver-in-the loop)

Looking for a sim to help engineer your next car?

Multi-time racing champions Jimmie Johnson, Jordan Taylor and Scott Pruett believe SimCraft motion technology feels like racing the real thing.   We know from our client success that feeling the car in the sim accelerates development.  Did you know that a sim that is designed to move exactly like a rigid body is even more effective for learning?  

If you are engineering a car, you are engineering the performance of a rigid body.   The APEX6 from SimCraft is a full motion (6dof) rigid body simulator that championship drivers believe is a faithful recreation of the feeling of their car.   With a driver in the loop for your engineering, listen to the champions.

The APEX6 GT is the only full motion simulator designed to move like a rigid body, with independent degrees of freedom that intersect at the center of mass.  Accelerate your engineering with a motion sim that moves and feels like a car.



APEX6 GT PRO Racing Simulator, with coaching station, Kelly Moss
Full Motion GT Model in Pro Configuration
6 Degrees of Freedom (6DOF)