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Simucube 2, Sport - Direct Drive Force Feedback

Simucube 2 Sport


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Welcome to the honored club of Direct Drive force feedback SimRacers!  Simucube 2 is the next level force feedback technology.

Simucube 2 Sport : The entry level Direct Drive wheel base not only gives undeniable competitive advantage, but also puts a massive grin on the driver’s face from the sheer joy of racing, with details in your hands about what the car is doing you never thought possible.

Sport comes with a hefty 17 Nm of direct drive torque, a serious amount of power and well above the threshold for an exhilarating simracing experience, and comes with all the Simucube 2 benefits, detailed in Product Details.


  • Simucube 2 Sport wheel base
  • Simucube 2 Quick Release (QR) for wheel base, with one wheel side counterpart to be equipped on standard wheel
  • 50-70 mm wheel adapter, and 30 mm spacer for wheel side QR extension
  • Servo mount and hardware
  • Power Supply
  • Cabling
  • Standard E-Stop

Direct Drive Force Feedback

By coupling a wheel directly to an extremely fast responding direct drive torque motor, the physics of the simulated race car and track come to life.  Such ideal torque transducer adds nothing of it’s own to be felt – it’s just a pure connection to the road behind the wheel. Direct drive is the only known method to achieve sub-millisecond latency and real-life race car dynamic range – the keys to true transparency.

Ultra Low Latency

Reaction time is everything when it comes to overtaking opponents, or taking corrective action to prevent loss of tire grip. Simucube 2 ultra low latency not only keeps the driver a step ahead, but naturally also removes barriers between the simulated world and the driver.

High Dynamic Range

Sensing the tiniest changes in the tire grip same time with high steering force of sharp corner will transmit the forces of every part of race car to the driver is the way it works in real-world. High dynamic range of force feedback equals to maximizing the flow of physical information from the simulator the the driver. It happens to be the peak force moment when there is the greatest need to precisely sense the emerging loss of grip. Being able to sense that enables the driver to utilize 100% of the race car potential.

Natural Signal Processing

Bypassing the sometimes coarse digitally sampled force commands from common PC racing simulations, you will be able to feel the force feedback as it was intended by the racing simulator’s physics engine. Moreover, the real nature modelling based inertia, damping and friction effects calculated right inside the simulator hardware will make the driver feel like they’re connected to the real world – you might forget it’s a simulator.

Full metal construction

The body of all Simucube 2 models have been built from precision machined solid metal parts. 

Robotics grade angle sensor

Simucube 2 Sport is equipped with precision industrial robotics grade angle sensors with resolution of 4 Million steps per revolution. The quality of the angle sensor information has paramount importance when calculating natural physics effects and filters. Any imperfection of the sensor signal would feel like a distortion in the reality. All Simucube 2’s signal processing units have been optimized to take full advantage of the unmatched sensor precision.

Direct Drive brushless torque motor

Simucube developer team compared over 40 motors, hand-tested over ten of them, then picked the best three motors, and finally customized them to suit absolutely flawlessly in direct drive racing simulation. SC2’s latest generation motor technology delivers unforeseen torque response rate and clarity. FEM optimized motor magnetic design yields practically zero torque ripple and magnetic cogging. Simucube 2 ‘s are also individually tested and verified to exceed inhumanly tight tolerances in production.

Isolated surge protected USB

No Simucube driver shall ever become the victim of interference prone USB connection. Thanks to a galvanic isolation layer between the USB and power electronics. This also protects the PC from current spikes. In addition, all connectors found on the back of SC2 are ESD protected exceeding the industrial requirements.

Dual CPU architecture

To unleash full potential of the glorious motor and to process signals at maximum precision, Simucube 2 has been given a dedicated 216 MHz real-time processor in addition to an dedicated 144 MHz PC USB interface CPU. Unique dual CPU architecture ensures zero impact on ultra low latency performance even when all processing and simulator actions are running simultaneously. The new 216 MHz processor features superscalar ARM architecture, making it effectively four times faster than the 72 MHz processor of IONI drive in Simucube 1.

Passive cooling

Thanks to high efficiency direct drive operation optimized motors and clever electronics heat guiding, there is no dust collecting or noisy fans in any Simucube 2. High efficiency motor puts out less heat and consumes less power.

Oversized rugged power components

All Simucube 2’s electronics have been designed in Finland by Granite Devices – also known from their reliable industrial motor drives. Simucube has been proudly built with the same uncompromising industrial quality principles. This means prioritizing on ruggedness and longevity over cost of the components. Simucube 2 power MOSFETs are rated over 2X their actual need to make them virtually immortal.

Remote Torque off button

Because high torque may pose a hazard if the simulator software goes nuts, or if driver becomes careless with the high torque wheel, every Simucube 2 comes with externally mountable Torque off button. Optionally the button box may be upgraded to a stylish all-metal version with an additional external power-switch.

Hot Swap Wheels

Becoming master of multiple race car classes is finally reality without a single compromise. Different kinds of wheels are rapidly and securely interhcangeable thanks to solid-metal Quick Release and low-latency Wireless Wheel connection.

Simucube Quick Release™ (SQR)

Precision machined full-metal Simucube Quick Release guarantees zero backlash and rock solid operation even under the extreme torques of direct drive wheel base. Guided rail design ensures perfect lock-in every time, and spring preloaded pin mechanism will ensure non-degrading tight coupling over thousands of swap cycles. Just like rest of Simucube, SQR has been built to be virtually immortal. The only theoretically wearing part, spring loaded pin mechanism, is made out of standard stock parts making it user serviceable.

Simucube Wireless Wheel™ (SWW)

Built-in wireless wheel receiver in Simucube 2 automatically connects to your Simucube Wireless Wheel just by briefly pressing both paddle shifters simultaneously. The wireless wheel transmission protocol has been specially engineered to provide consistent and unbreakable millisecond range response times, as well as extremely long battery life of over 5 years. Swapping wheel will also take effect immediately without the need of re-assigning controls in the simulator.

SimRacing Cockpits, Base Model Simulator Chassis and Motion

SimCraft is an international distributor for Simucube and Simucube2 direct-drive force feedback simracing steering technology:

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