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Denny Hamlin Joins the SimCraft Family

Denny Hamlin joined the SimCraft family of APEX owners at the end of the 2016 NASCAR season.

“We are extremely proud to have Denny as an APEX customer.”, said Sean Patrick MacDonald, co-founder of SimCraft, “I am really looking forward to working with Denny on product enhancements and new R&D initiatives when his time allows.” 

Sim racing is not something new for Denny. He started running sims in NASCAR 2003 in the DMP league to acclimate to the tracks he was running when he started racing in the real world. When it came time to jump back into the simulated world, Denny reached out to his friend Kevin King for advice on the right motion simulation solution. Kevin pointed Denny towards SimCraft and the rest, as they say, is history. 

After his install, we sat down with Denny to talk about his quest for the right hardware. 

“I was interested in motion before, but I wasn’t excited about it.” said Hamlin. “I’ve been in motion simulators before and they weren’t that good, they weren’t that accurate. What I was surprised with is how SimCraft could dial the motion into the feelings I feel in the real car. I feel I’m in the middle of my career, but I am always looking for any little thing to make you better. For me, it’s road courses and I feel working on my road courses online will give me a little edge”.

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