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Performance Racing Industry Expo 2021

Indianapolis, IN (December 13th , 2021) –

SimCraft Showcases Latest Advancements in Racing Simulation Technology at PRI Show

Atlanta, GA – SimCraft, a leading provider of high-end motion simulators, presented its latest models at the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company conducted live demos of its APEX6 GT racing simulator, the APEX4 CT sim, and full-motion APEX formula prototype, showcasing the most realistic racing experience available on the market.

SimCraft’s simulators provide a true-to-life racing experience, simulating every aspect of driving on a race track, including initial G-cues, vibration, and the general feel of driving a race car at speed. The simulators use SimCraft’s proprietary technology, which provides a more advanced and accurate simulation experience than the old-fashioned motion platforms still used by many simulator manufacturers.

“Our simulators have become the go-to choice for professional drivers and enthusiasts alike, as they offer the most authentic racing experience possible,” said Sean Patrick MacDonald, co-founder of SimCraft. “The PRI show is the perfect platform to showcase our latest advancements in racing simulation technology.”

SimCraft’s APEX6 GT full motion racing simulator is designed to replicate the cockpit of a GT-style race car, with custom-designed controls and a motion system that provides a realistic driving experience. The APEX4 CT sim is a compact racing simulator that can be easily transported to different locations, while still providing a realistic and immersive racing experience on 4dof. The full-motion APEX formula prototype is a state-of-the-art simulator that replicates the feeling of driving an open-wheel race car, with custom-designed controls and a carbon-fiber monocoque.

“Our simulators can be customized to fit the specific needs of each client, including adjusting the size and shape of the cockpit and incorporating real-life racing controls,” said MacDonald.

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