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APEX3 Mini :: Youth Racing Simulator

+Optional Installation $5,000 [?]

The APEX3 Mini, a 7:10 scale version of the adult sized APEX3 chassis, this product is perfect for youth driver development.   With scalable seating that can be sized up as your child grows, the APEX Mini can fit young drivers from 3′ to 5′ tall.

A complete package which includes a full system, optionally installed, warrantied, and supported.

Mini Components

  • Seat: Kirkey Youth
  • Wheel: Fanatec ClubSport 2.5
  • Pedals: SimCraft Tilton PRO 2 Pedalset
  • Shifter: Paddle Shifters
  • Video: Triple 32″ 1080p LED TVs
  • Audio: 5.1 Surround Audio / Headphones
  • Software: 2 racing game systems / simulations pre-installed
  • PC: Intel i7, 16GB DDR4 Memory, nVidia RTX2070 Video, SSD, Windows 10, All software pre-installed and configured

High-fidelity motion with SimCraft’s proprietary center of mass architecture allows for unsurpassed performance and feel. The APEX3 motion chassis now also features rotational axis adjustability to match the center of rotations with your desired preference.

Degrees of Freedom: Roll, Pitch & Yaw

  • Roll 25 degrees       (+/- 12.5)
  • Pitch 13 degrees       (+/- 6.5)
  • Yaw 25 degrees       (+/- 12.5)


Max Rotational Speed: 60 °/s

Max Rotational Acceleration:  2400 °/s²

Max Payload:  600lb  (272kg)


  Axis Alignment: Mutually Perpendicular
  Synchronization: Simultaneous and Independent Axis Control
  Position Resolution: .002 deg  (Accuracy)
  Repeatability: .02 deg | 0.00035 rad
  Interpretive Interval: < 1ms  (Latency)

The APEX3 Mini features a super-strong, lightweight, TIG/MIG welded, tubular DOM and carbon steel framework creating the stiffest chassis design. Its strength and stability allow for unmatched performance and a higher standard in durability and incredible longevity with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Incorporating a decade of chassis development, the APEX3 Mini features a double-wishbone design with optimized geometry and a powder coated finish in dozens of colors. It also has full cockpit versatility with adjustability of the seat, visuals, audio, wheel, pedals, and shifters.

  • Model #: sc8M0
  • Material: Carbon Steel
  • Chassis Class: PRO
  • Estimated Assembly Time: N/A
  • Skills Required: N/A
  • Tools required: N/A
  • Suitable for: Professional Training, Driver Development
  • License: Personal

This product comes with a Limited Lifetime full part replacement warranty on the chassis and an extended three year warranty on the actuators.

Lead Time: Call for estimate 
Crating/Boxing: Not Included
Shipping: Best / Quoted
Sim Assembly: Included
Component Integration: Included
Installation: Delivery, Assembly and onsite training available, call for details
E-Mail/Web Support: YES
Priority Phone Support: YES
Warranty: Limited Lifetime

Installation services are available outside the USA.

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