Manufactured in Marietta, GA USA | Installed Everywhere
Manufactured in Marietta, GA USA
Installed Everywhere
APEX6_Full Motion Professional Racing Simulator_6dof motion simulator
APEX6 GT Elite (Full Physics)  
       APEX4 CT Pro (2/3 Physics)   $74,900
APEX3S 3dof motion simulator
  APEX2 CT Sport (1/3 Physics)   
Starting at $44,900
  • Scientifically Validated for effective learning and development
  • Professional Installation, Professionally Tuned Motion Profiles
  • Modular Build / Design – Select the reality level and build up
  • Engineering and Telemetry Software Suites Available
  • Links with any software (at any Price Point)
  • Translational Seat Time at the Highest Level in the Industry
  • Rigid Body Vehicle Dynamics, Center of Mass Rotation

“SimCraft Motion Simulators use the correct combination of physical, auditory, and visual stimuli that more closely replicates the actual race car, as compared to other simulation hardware.  

SimCraft promotes learning so similar to the real race car, so any changes made in the sim will allow the driver to learn those changes as if they were done in the real race car.

Thereby, drivers on SimCraft motion technology get the proper feedback, which promotes learning, to allow improvement in driving performance. The absence of the proper stimuli in other equipment delivers incorrect feedback, which over time, cognitively fatigues the drivers, both in loss of concentration and attention, impairs learning, and leads to slower lap times.”

-Dr. David Ferguson, PHD FACSM CEP, Michigan State University Spartan Motorsport Performance Laboratory