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SimCraft and Ferrari of Atlanta

SimCraft announced a partnership with Ferrari of Atlanta today after installing a Rosso corsa APEX2 CT in the Ferrari and Maserati dealership in the heart of Atlanta, GA.

The newly launched unit from SimCraft is the first of it’s kind to be installed. The CT trim designation, an acronym abbreviated “compact trainer”, has full integration of the supporting electronics into the cockpit, allowing for small installation spaces.Open in new window

“We wanted to build a sim where all of the electronics were contained within the cockpit.”, said Sean Patrick MacDonald, SimCraft’s co-founder and chief technologist.

“Once we decided one big curved screen would work well on our cockpit, maintaining the idea of a small footprint, we had to eliminate a bulky PC from the equation. The MSI laptop positioned above the screen works better than I first imagined.

The compact trainer is powered by an MSI laptop featuring nVidia GTX1070 graphics and is uniquely positioned above the main curved 55-Inch 4K Ultra High Definition LED TV.

The two companies plan to collaborate on marketing and motorsport activities for the next two years. The first event on the calendar is the Ferrari Challenge race at Road Atlanta between September 14th-16th.

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Coinciding with the Ferrari of Atlanta installation, Ferrari Challenge driver Mike Watt, who is the primary driver for Ferrari of Atlanta this season just received an APEX4 GTS in his home in his alma mater colors from Clemson.

SimCraft now has drivers racing in the Ferrari Challenge series representing Ferrari of Atlanta, Ferrari of Beverly Hills, and Ferrari of Long Island.

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