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APEX6 GT - Professional Full Motion Racing Simulator

Complete 6DOF Full Motion Race Simulator for Driver Development / Race Engineering (Yaw, Pitch, Roll, Surge, Sway, Heave)


The APEX6 PRO, a true “full motion racing simulator” with advanced motion simulation technology including all 6 Degrees of Freedom.  Featuring SimCraft’s 6DOF full motion race simulator motion system with roll, pitch, yaw, surge, sway, and heave which allows you to feel the limit of adhesion, understeer/oversteer, side slip, acceleration and deceleration, terrain changes such as hills, banking, curbing, bumps, camber, and both left/right and fore/aft weight transfer, suspension compression, and side wall deflection in a motion simulator like you have never felt in a sim.  This 6DOF Racing Simulator features Independent Full Motion, mechanically separated actuation, allowing for isolated axis control, making it the most advanced racing simulator and the most realistic racing simulator on the market.  

Why is this? Because of physics based motion simulation technology from SimCraft. Read up on why physics in a motion sim matter

SimCraft’s proprietary motion technology in APEX form is the choice of many professional drivers and teams: The professionals agree, physics matter. The APEX motorsport simulator line from SimCraft features the stiffest and most advanced chassis designs with the highest fidelity motion technology for motorsport training.  This professional racing simulator is compatible with iRacing, rFactor PRO and many other racing simulations.

This 6DOF racing simulator is everything you want and more in a high end racing simulator.  Realism and complete cockpit replication is crucial for translational seat time.  Look no further, this is the most realistic racing simulator on the market.  Feel the difference!

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