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SimCraft Motion Simulation Technology Architecture​

Center of Mass Rotation

The SimCraft architecture for full motion simulation is based on the center of gravity (CoG) being coincident with the center of rotation in an independent axis control system. Real world vehicles operating in an Earth physics environment also behave in this same way.[1][2][3][4

SimCraft motion is modeled with the same set of mutually perpendicular Inertial (or Body) Axes: roll, pitch and yaw. When the CoG and pivot are coincident the system is in rotational equilibrium (stable)[5] resulting in a small (near zero) moment of inertia. What does this mean for the resulting motion experience? The amount of torque required to start, stop, and change rotations is minimal[6]; allowing for zero latency™ from controls in to the motion response out. Since what you see on the screen is what you will feel in the seat, the organic rotations are the same experience as natural vehicle rotations.


The smooth, organic rotations of the system are made possible by a proprietary rotational bearing system which create fixed independant axes of rotation. Each axis of rotation incorporates a series of bearing assemblies which are designed to provide frictionless rotation about the axis. These bearing assemblies also support the entire weight of the system and it’s occupant, allowing the motion control system to perform at high levels.[7][8


The actuators utilized in the SimCraft architecture are electromechanical. The position from SimCraft’s software is passed and enacted upon instantly, (less than 1ms), thus the perception of zero latency™ in motion response to a command[9]. SimCraft does not use hydraulics or pneumatic for motion simulation due the inherent delay of these control methods. Our supplied actuators are rated for 100% duty cycle, 50,000 hours MTBF, and are guaranteed at full replacement for one year. 

Software Control

The physics based software interfacing to each of the racing and flight simulation and gaming titles that the SimCraft architecture works with has been designed to be incredibly efficient, allowing for positioning of the system within less than 1ms (zero latency™) from the time of the physics extraction. This keeps the controls, visuals and what you feel perfectly synced. Each integration module has it’s own default motion profile which can then be modified and adjusted in real time as the system is in active racing or flight usage. The XML based motion profile system allows various setups to be saved, stored, reused and shared. 

SimCraft Performance

No video presentation or photography can demonstrate the performance of the SimCraft architecture. You must climb in the cockpit and experience the system first hand, behind the wheel, to appreciate the major difference in SimCraft’s motion philosophy over “seat-mover”, “platform”, or “hexapod” type systems. 

Since SimCraft systems are just now propagating around the globe, you may not have the opportunity to drive or fly a system without major travel. For this reason, SimCraft entends the following performance guarantee: 

There is no latency in the SimCraft motion system, from controls in to the motion response out, there is no delay. What you see on the screen is what you will feel in the seat. 

Benefits of the SimCraft Architecture:

  • ZERO latency™ from controls input, to motion output
  • All Independant Axis Control
  • Organic, Realistic simulation
  • Requires less power, and lower (safer) force
  • Portability
  • Custom motion profiles
  • Adjustable, Upgradeable
  • Realtime adjustment
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