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Motion Simulators, a comparison

There are a number of motion simulators on the market, and making sense of the differences might not always be obvious.   For instance, does the whole cockpit move keeping the driver relative with the racing simulator controls?   Do the visuals move with the cockpit, keeping the windshield and mirrors consistent with the driver’s view?   Below is a detailed chart that answers these questions.


Comparison of Motion Simulators for Racing Simulation       

Motion Simulator Technology 

Physics Based
Hexapod Based
                                         Seat Mover Based
         D-BOX Based
Known companies and brands using this methodSimCraftCrudenCXCSimxperienceVRXVESARORSEAT
Motion designed around physics and the center of mass (CoM or center of gravity) [?]yesnononononono
Motion degrees/axes are independent from each other (mechanically seperated DOF)yesnononononono
Full cockpit motion (entire cockpit is moved in the simulation, including driving controls)yesyesnonoyesyesyes
Active visuals (visuals that move with sim, and stay relative to the occupant during use)yesyesnonononono
Range of Motion (Large enough to effectively simulate Daytona banking)yesyesnonononono
Range of Motion (Large enough to effectively simulate uphills and downhills)yesyesnonononono
Yaw (Oversteer / Understeer Simulation) Products Offeredyesyesnono*nonono
0 Degrees of Freedom (Motion Upgradeable Cockpit)yesnononoyesyesyes
1 Degrees of Freedom (DOF) Product Offeredyesnononononono
2 Degrees of Freedom (DOF)  Product Offeredyesnoyesyesyesyesyes
3 Degrees of Freedom (DOF)  Product Offeredyesnonoyesyesyesyes
4 Degrees of Freedom (DOF)  Product Offeredyesnononononono
5 Degrees of Freedom (DOF)  Product Offeredyesnononononono
6 Degrees of Freedom (DOF) (Full Motion)  Product Offeredyesyesnonononono
Upgrade from 0DOF to 1DOF to 2DOF to 3DOF to 4DOF to 5DOF to 6DOFyesnonoyes**nonono
    *offers “rear traction loss” only
    **2DOF to 3DOF only
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