Manufactured in Marietta, GA USA | Installed Everywhere
Manufactured in Marietta, GA USA
Installed Everywhere

Customize your APEX6 Full Motion Racing Simulator – Package Includes:

  • Simucube 2 Pro Direct Drive Force Feedback Wheel Base
  • SimCraft Tilton Pro 3 Pedal Set with Electronic Pedal Control
  • Combo H-Pattern / Sequential Shifter
  • 1000W 5.1 Surround Sound Audio
  • Multi Transducer Vibration Package
  • SimCraft Low Profile Dashboard with Button Panel
  • SimCraft Digital Operation Panel 
  • Data Telemetry Display
  • Gaming Desktop with latest nVidia Graphics
  • Triple 43″ Flat Panel Gaming Monitors (144 Hz)
  • Select Motion Preferences Below
  • Select Your Preferred Steering Wheel Below
  • Select Your Preferred Seat Below
  • Custom Colors are Available
  • Limited Lifetime Chassis Warranty
  • 3 Years Component and Actuator Warranty
  • 3 Years Dedicated Support included via e-mail, phone, and remote access
  • All SimCraft units will fit through a standard 32″ door
  • Motion simulator software is included and links with 90 software platforms (iRacing, Assetto Corsa, Project Cars, rFactor, etc.
  • Configure your unit below and one of our team members will develop a quote with shipping estimates
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Select the component package for your APEX6
Select your preferred Seat.
Select a Steering Wheel Option. Each are compatible with the Simucube 2 Pro Force Feedback Wheel Base system included with the unit.
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