Trim Compare: BASE v CT v GTC v GTS

Description For experienced users with existing components, or that wish to build up a complete sim. This is a professional APEX chassis and SimCraft motion system (including motion software), and is *not* a complete system.Also for International and Value Added Distributors. The Compact Trainer trim is available on APEX0, APEX1, and APEX2 only and is a functionally complete system, but with minimal components for budget restricted or space limited customers. Only a 5’x4′ space required, no ACE box included, and runs from a gaming laptop. The GTC trim package contains good, consumer grade components, with an ACE box included for subwoofer, vibration amplifiers, and desktop PC.This unit also contains external audio, additional shifters, and triple screen visuals. For customers with more space who want more technology built into their sim. Top of the line and state of the art. The GTS trim contains all of our new bells and whistles and the best racing simulation components that we know of.Color customizations as well as user comforts such as electronic pedal adjustment and integrated overhead cooling fans are included. Whatever you require. Setup a consultation to spec your APEX unit.
Trim Package Available For All APEX units APEX0, APEX1, APEX2 only All APEX units All APEX units All APEX units
Product Chassis & Motion Only Complete System Complete System Complete System Optional
Motion Same Same Same Same
Chassis Color Option Any Standard Color Any Standard Color Any Standard Color Custom, Metallics, Candy Finishes Optional
Seat None NRG FRP-310 NRG FRP-310 MOMO / OMP Optional
Triple Screen Support to 49″ Yes No Yes Yes Optional
VR Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Optional
VR Included No Oculus Rift VR A la carte Oculus Rift VR Optional
Visuals Included None Single 55″ Curved Screen 4K TV Triple 43″ 1080p LED TVs Triple 4k Monitors & Oculus Rift VR Optional
PC None MSI Gaming Laptop Gaming PC Level II Gaming PC Level I Optional
Force Feedback Included None Fanatec Clubsport v2.5 Fanatec Clubsport v2.5 Direct Drive Servo (MiGE / Simucube) Optional
Steering Wheel Rim None Fanatec GT or Formula Fanatec GT & Formula Precision GT1 Optional
Shifters None Paddles Fanatec Paddles H-Pattern Seq Paddles, SC Handbrake, DSD Seq Optional
Pedals None 2 Pedal SimCraft Tilton 2 Pedal SimCraft Tilton 3 Pedal SimCraft Tilton PRO Optional
Vibration None A la carte 2 transducers / amplifier 6 transducers / amplifiers Optional
Integrated Fans None None A la carte Yes Optional
Button Box Dashboard None Yes Yes Yes Optional
iRacingVIP (all content) None A la carte A la carte Yes Optional
iRacing 12 month Yes Yes Yes None (VIP) Optional
Additional Sim Software None A la carte 1 2 Optional
Software Setup/Configuration No Yes (iRacing) Yes (iRacing plus 1) Yes (iRacing plus 2) Optional
Manual Pedal Control Yes Yes Yes None (Electronic) Optional
Electronic Pedal Control None A la carte A la carte Yes Optional
ACE Box (Air cooled electronics) None None Yes Yes Optional
Data/Telemetry display & software None A la carte A la carte Yes Optional
Warranty (on supplied product) Limited Lifetime Limited Lifetime Limited Lifetime Limited Lifetime Limited Lifetime
Phone, Web, E-mail support Yes, limited to base model Yes Yes Yes Yes, limited to supplied comp.
Assembly Service Yes Yes Yes Yes Optional
Installation Service Available No Optional Optional Optional Optional