"Incorporating a SimCraft motion based simulator into our driver training programs has helped RACECRAFT tremendously. We can now pin point the driver's problem areas much faster. The 3 DOF Motion system enables us to give the driver a very realistic experience of what a real racing car would feel like on track. I have personally noticed a definite improvement in my own driving, with my concentration levels and consistency much better than it has ever been !"

South African Flag  Etienne van der Linde
 Racecraft Instructor
 Professional Racing Driver
 South Africa

 SimCraft (3DOF motion / customer modified sc530 chassis) Customer

SimCraft customer build

"With my SimCraft sc530 motion simulator, I have the opportunity to develop and keep my level of driving skills. As a hungarian rally driver in real life this has proven really important. Many thanks to the guys at SimCraft!"

Hungarian Flag  Tamas Tarnok
 SimCraft (3DOF motion / customer modified sc530 chassis) Customer

SimCraft customer build

"What an incredible product your company has! I anticipated that it would include all of the essential motion cues for cornering and acceleration, and I am equally impressed with the hillclimbing & descending. But I swear you can feel the wheels rolling over smooth tarmac, their bite when entering a corner, and equally importantly, when they break loose. Y'all have nailed it...the illusion is fantastic! Sadly, all motion-free simulations are ruined now...like the rotary telephone, they will not be missed."

American Flag  David Heddens
 New Mexico, USA
 SimCraft (2DOF / sc220) Customer

SimCraft customer build

"Wow... What a difference to the experience the SimCraft motion has brought my immersion in iRacing. At first it took some time to get used to so many sensations going on at once when say, turning under heavy braking, but now with a little tweaking of the available levels I have found my sweet spot. In fact I ran practice laps at Road America in iRacing and because of SimCraft Motion Technology, I cut 3 seconds off my previous best times. I am confident that I will get my times considerably below my previous personal bests with more practice."

Australian Flag  John Christie
 Brisbane QLD Australia
 SimCraft (2DOF / sc120) Customer

Q&A with John

How was the build? Is wood the way to go?

As far as the suitability of wood for choice of a cockpit material I can assure that it is an excellent choice for what the SimCraft kit is intended. Wood is relatively cheap and easy to work with for the "average" home handyman. The kit allows total flexibility in design as long as you follow the basic design principles. I stuck closely to the intent of what the design was suggesting but modified it to suit my particular needs and preferences. This is totally possible. In my particular case I had a size restriction where I needed my cockpit to fit. My cockpit is shorter that on the plan and therefore more narrow than on the plan. As there are three main modules, the outer stand, the roll cage and the cockpit, if you change one measurement it affects all the components so you need to keep this in mind. I also modified the front of the cockpit to suit my "triple head to go" setup and my preferred wheel and pedal setups which I had come used to in my old "static" cockpit.

It is totally adjustable to suit you, but just follow the basics. If I built another one I think I would be even a little more creative. The steel braces were used instead of the "fancy" mitre cuts to support the main uprights. This is a perfect example where you can make adjustments to the plans as long as you follow the intent. The mitre joints are for structural strength but require a lot of "mucking" around, where as the right angle brackets are probably even stronger and require no wood work skill and can be fitted quickly.

I also added some "L" bracket supports to the main frame ends where I thought weakness may be possible. If anything I went over the top in a better to be safe fashion for which I am known.

Follow the intent of the design but feel free to make it suit your requirement. Building the cockpit was a really enjoyable experience so take your time and get it how you want it. I used a seat slider so I could make it fit me and the kids. SimCraft does not recommend this and I understand that for many reasons, mainly safety why they donít. However if a quality slider is used and the cockpit is ALWAYS supervised around any children I think this is alot easier than adjusting the pedals etc. Also spend some time getting the angle of your pedals and steering wheel right as this is huge in getting the overall feeling right. Have fun with it and donít rush it. Make sure you paint it prior to final assembly or you never will. I had to force myself to paint it and resist the temptation to put it together and play. If I had, it would still be unpainted today. Finish what you start.

How does your sim feel?

I am new to "online" racing sims, having only played off line games before. I love IRacing and it has born the passion to where I find myself today. I only drive road races in "IRacing" and have never had an oval race. I donít understand the rules so I am afraid of spoiling it for others. I canít comment too much on how the sim feels on ovals for this reason sorry. I can tell you on the road races it adds a level that is amazing and makes me feel like I have had a race rather than played a game.

The system is VERY adaptable even in real time during a race. Best of all is when you have found the sweet spot, you can save the car/track combo to recall next time you are racing that track / car.

Have you required support from SimCraft?

I can say with 100% honesty that my dealing with SimCraft have been nothing short of first class. Whenever I have needed support it has been dealt with extremely fast and effectively. These guys are as passionate in their product as we are in "sim" racing. It has been a pleasure becoming a SimCraft user and I feel that any future support I may need in the future will be available to me.

Any final thoughts?

It never ceases to amaze my friends that have heard me talk about my hobby when they see it for the first time. I ordered my SimCraft kit on a Sunday over the internet, on or very close to my birthday in June. It arrived the next Friday all the way to Australia which amazed me. I downloaded the "Star" wooden construction plans and went shopping for materials in the week before my kit arrived.

Several of my friends and I have given my system a good flogging for approx 5 months now. It shows no signs of fatigue or failure and I am confident that that the design of the components and my build should offer many years of life. If anything my experience continues to improve as I learn more on the programming of my preference for the different cars and tracks I am racing. I am a very satisfied customer in both product and service. I would like one day to write some build guide to add to the SimCraft guide based on my experience.

"I built a racing sim (sc120) out of dimensional lumber and the SimCraft 2DOF kit and it does exactly what I wanted. I can feel all those cracks and bumps in the tracks that iRacing has scanned in with so much detail. The feel when you get up on the banking is awesome as well as elevation changes on a road course. Acceleration and braking is accurately simulated by pitching the front and rear up and down. SimCraft's software can easily customize the feel to whatever I feel like in realtime."

"I am so glad I didn't build a seat mover as I think it is so disconnected from reality."

American Flag  Jason Elrod
 Alabama, USA
 SimCraft (2DOF / sc120) Customer

SimCraft STAR/sc530 customer build

"Finally, a full motion project for racing simulation! It was pretty easy to build for anyone that doesn't mind spending a little time. I built my sc530 in three weeks working two hours per day without any problems."

"With my simulator, I can now feel the road when I race and it makes a huge difference. The motion truly guides my actions. Many thanks to the staff at SimCraft!!!"

Italian Flag  Luca Scantamburlo
 Rovigo, Italy
 SimCraft (3DOF / sc530) Customer

SimCraft STAR/sc530 customer build

"My sim project began about 15 years ago with some friends in a microlight flying club with the idea of building a flight simulator. Everyone collaborated and had good ideas about the mechanical and the construction elements of the sim but no one knew how to link the motion to any flight sim title such as Microsoft Flight Simulator. The project later lost steam and fizzled out."

"This summer, surfing the web for a joystick, I casually discovered SimCraft and immediately remembered my previous project. The 2DOF SimCraft Motion kit solved my previous problem and took care of the simulation software link and motion, and allowed me to concentrate on the structure. I began designing and after building my 2DOF custom chassis following the SimCraft standard I mounted the hardware from the SimCraft kit and it was like plug and play."

"The construction and usage of it is my favorite hobbie. Starting was easy and any time I need support my questions are answered with a quick and professional response from SimCraft."

"My custom chassis is constructed with tubular and extruded aluminum. I use an nVidia 3D system with the 3D projector and nVidia glasses. I can drive or fly in many 3D worlds with incredibly realistic motion. It is really fantastic!"

"Thank you SimCraft :: you made a reality of my 15 year old dream!"

Italian Flag  Josep Maria Escubedo
 Catalonia, Spain
 SimCraft (2DOF / Custom Chassis) Customer