Manufactured in Marietta, GA USA | Installed Everywhere
Manufactured in Marietta, GA USA
Installed Everywhere

SimCraft has assembled a team of Sports Scientists, Neurologists, Race Professionals, Mechanical, Software, and Design engineers to deliver the most scientifically accurate motorsports driver development solution.  This isn’t about sim racing or gaming, it’s about DRIVER DEVELOPMENT.  The SimCraft approach is rated at 90% of reality, designed precisely to improve driver performance.  The next closest competitor at any price point is 30%, with static simulation being even less translational.

We’ve worked with the Human Performance Laboratory at Michigan State University, Sports Scientists at Coresyte, the Neuroscience divisions of Johns Hopkins University, University of Pittsburgh Medical, the University of Tennessee, George Washington University, and the Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer Research to prove that motorsports development can only happen when the hardware delivers accurate feedback.  It’s called Cognitive Development of Executive Response.

This is about building muscle memory.  In today’s world, where there are a wide assortment of sim racing options, all of them are delivering feedback or motion cues that do not mimic real world racing.  Even the multi million dollar solutions are problematic in this area.

If you’re building muscle memory with equipment that does not replicate real world feel, you will have to go through a re-acclimation period and your brain has to constantly learn and unlearn new processes, making the development stale, sometimes retracting and harmful to the brain, by introducing something foreign that is not replicated in real life.

SimCraft makes the only true full physics unit in the world, but it can be built modular.  Regardless of the entry point, whether 2DOF or 4DOF, you can keep adding physics kits and build it up over time to incorporate all 6 Degrees of Freedom on your unit.  Yaw and Pitch are the two most important cues in motorsports.  Being able to feel the rotation of the vehicle and know how much brake is being applied is critical for development.  Start at that level and continue building over time.

If you’re after taking your career to another level, we simply ask that you think about us when you make the decision to move forward with a solution. 

WARNING:  Once you know and understand the science, you can never go back!

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