Racing Simulator Pedals, SimCraft / Tilton PRO Pedals


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“Racing Simulator Pedals”, SimCraft / Tilton PRO Pedals – Floor mounted / 3 pedal set

SimCraft and Tilton Engineering partnered up to bring you advanced simracing pedals with the most developed feel of an actual race car.   Working in conjunction with professional race drivers to develop the pedal feel, these pedals feel great and can help you get faster in the sim.   Brake later, modulate easier, feel what you have been missing.

Throttle: Upgraded torsion spring for superior throttle control.

Brake: Proprietary versatile mechanical feel assemblies allowing for travel and resistance refinement. With the turn of a nut, you can change from a formula car feel (stiff!) to a GT3 brake pedal feel (more spongy).  Included are both a 2″ and 3.5″ brake cylinder.

Clutch: Feels like a clutch with an engagement point and correct amount of travel. The system is accomplished with a cam simulation created by a combination of gas springs and engineered mechanics. Patent Pending

Tilton 600 Series Racing Pedals
Brake – 120 kg Load Cell Pressure Sensitive, Adjustable travel and resistance
Clutch – Designed for proper travel and real feel engagement
12-Bit Leo Bodnar USB Controller
Small and Compact Footprint

All SimCraft/Tilton Pro Pedal Sets include 1 hour of setup consultation.

Mounting Plate, Heel Plate, and Dead Pedal Included

Over-sized gas pedal, alternate springs, setup tools, software, and SimCraft swag also included.

Forged aluminum pedals with adjustable (vertical & horizontal) foot pads and anti-slip surfaces.
Pedal pivots feature wave washers to reduce lateral pedal movement and oil impregnated bronze bushings decrease friction.

Lightweight aluminum frame features guide “ramps” decreasing friction and improving brake repeat-ability.

Adjustable clutch pedal stop prevents clutch over-stroking.

WEIGHT 25 lbs  (Including mounting plate, etc.)
DIMENSIONS 14 × 14 × 14 in

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