SimCraft Control Panel (CraftCon) Motion Control Software

The SimCraft Control Panel, CraftCon, is a simulator operating system, allowing you to access the SimCraft motion integrations that control the interaction between your SimCraft motion system and the SimRacingFlight Simulation game and/or commercial simulation you are using. Each integration is represented as a list item in the CraftCon window containing the game/sim name and the game/sim’s icon. Within CraftCon, each game/simulation has a corresponding module, and the modules are all easily installed and managed. CraftCon allows you to control module activity and the configuration of the motion system with module specific settings for each game/simulation.


Some of the more notable CraftCon features:

* XML based motion profiling
    * Save motion setups per car, track, and title
   * Import/Export
   * Share with other SimCraft users
* Adjust motion profile settings in realtime
   * While you race/fly
   * Over 30 parameters
   * via keyboard or programmable knobs/switches
* Modules all enabled and disabled from within the CraftCon software
* Automatic software updates

* Quick Access to commonly used Microsoft Windows functions

*Tools and configuration programs


Download the SimCraft Control Panel user manual