Manufactured in Marietta, GA USA | Installed Everywhere
Manufactured in Marietta, GA USA
Installed Everywhere

Since the early 1950s, the Stewart Platform has been largely considered the industry standard for full motion applications. The tech, now 7 decades old, has used almost exclusively as the solution for full motion simulator applications, first in aviation, then in automotive and motorsport. The APEX6, 15 years in the making, takes a radically different approach by separating each of the six degrees of freedom from the other both logically AND mechanically. The first public display of this new technology was in Orlando, FL USA @ the annual I/ITSEC exhibition.

Testing the APEX6 Full Motion Simulator at I/ITSEC 2019
Demonstrating a never before seen level of hi-fidelity in a motion simulator for full motion using interactive physics from iRacing
Independent HEAVE, relative to the Roll Angle