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APEX5 BASE Model :: 5DOF Pro Motion Simulator

Some of the Pictures and Videos above depict the complete APEX5 PRO. The APEX5 Base Model does not include many of the components depicted.


The APEX5 BASE Model features SimCraft’s 5DOF motion system with roll, pitch, yaw, sway, and surge which allows you to feel the limit of adhesion, understeer/oversteer, terrain changes such as hills, banking, curbing, bumps, camber, and both left/right and fore/aft weight transfer in a motion simulator like you have never felt in a sim.

Why is this? Because of physics based motion simulation technology from SimCraft. Read up on why physics in a motion sim matter

This is an incomplete system that is shipped assembled and ready for your wheel, pedals, audio and video. A full complement of mountings for each are included.

Built from the ground up for its intended purpose, the APEX product line from SimCraft is an extensive elite-quality racing simulator class, with price and performance models up and down the entire line. With proprietary motion simulation technology unlike any other on the market and in development for nearly two decades. SimCraft’s proprietary motion technology in APEX form is the choice of many professional drivers and teams: The professionals agree, physics matter. The APEX motorsport simulator line from SimCraft features the stiffest and most advanced chassis designs with the highest fidelity motion technology for motorsport training.

SimRacing Cockpits, Base Model Motion Simulator Chassis

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