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New APEX product: APEX0 Motion Upgradeable Cockpits

SimCraft announced new products for the APEX line this week; APEX0 “Motion-Upgradeable” cockpits.

The APEX0 cockpit is the same cockpit from SimCraft’s motion simulator for racing, the APEX3 GT and the APEX2 GT. The difference this time is it will be offered statically, without motion, but upgradeable to 2, 3, or even 5 degrees of motion at a later time.

“The unique value in these exclusive motion upgradeable cockpits is the creation of an upgrade path to five axis motion over time, allowing new customers an alternate choice when deciding on a cockpit”, said Sean Yoder, SimCraft’s APEX product manager. “We have always envisioned this step as being one to help the lower end of the market who wants a real, quality, motion simulator, but cannot afford to acquire it yet. This new line of products has these customers specifically in mind.” 

Complete systems are planned to be offered as the APEX0 GTC and APEX0 GTS, although customers may also purchase just the motion-upgradeable cockpit to fit with their own components.

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