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"Motion Simulator" Educational and Information Article Listings as applied to "Racing Simulators", "Professional Racing Simulators", "Flight Simulators" and "Driving Simulators"

Article 1 – The SimCraft method of “motion simulation” is possible because of HOW SimCraft builds a “motion simulator

Article 2 – The Seat Mover method of “motion simulation” has inherent neurological challenges. WHY SimCraft builds a motion simulator that moves the entire cockpit and visuals.

Article 3 – A “Full Motion Simulator” was defined by the aviation industry with the creation of the Stewart Platform in the early 1950s as having all six degrees of freedom.   This includes a “Full Motion Racing Simulator“.

Article 4 – What are the six degrees of freedom (6DOF) in Earth physics?

Article 5 – How does the human body perceive “motion simulation”?   What are the physiological factors?

Article 6 – Compare important aspects of “motion simulation” as it relates to “racing simulators” and “professional racing simulators”.  A cross section of different approaches to a “motion simulator” including seat movers, the stewart platform, and dbox.