I couldn't help but notice you mentioned Road America in your testimonial on the web site. I lived in Wisconsin for several years and still work for a company based in Wisconsin and located only 90 minutes from the track. During a business trip earlier this year I was able to go on some ride alongs with friends of mine in a couple of Lotus Elises. Rounding the carousel very near 100 mph was thrilling to say the least! When I came home to race it on my xBox, I was disappointed and realized how much feel adds to the excitement of racing. Well, that plus the fact that you might just careen off the track and die! Luckily, I made it away unscathed.

You lucky bugger.

What I will leave you with is this. I have on occasion started iRacing for a session without my motion enabled to compare my times. I can honestly say that I can now no longer do it for more than 5 mins without being bored. The track is dead, lifeless and it feels like I am playing a game. I could never go back and I am very satisfied with my purchase and love climbing in the sim whenever I get the chance. I honestly don’t get that much free time so tend to jump in and do an hours practice to unwind and have some “me” time. Racing with the motion is definitely physically tiring compared to just driving with no motion. Mentally and physically it does place demands on you that you don’t otherwise experience. This is how it should be and does translate successfully with the Star motion cockpit. I feel like I have had a race rather than just played a game, if that makes sense.

John Christie - SimCraft STAR customer