Have you found the need for any support after your initial purchase? If so, for what and how responsive/helpful did you find it?

SimCraft has first class support. I have had two instances where I have needed to get simcraft to remotely connect to my PC to fix an error for me. Can’t really say what happened but I think it was something I had done that lead to a corruption in the program somewhere. Quick email and arranged a time to suit us both and made correction in matter of mins. During my build process I emailed several questions all of which were answered very promptly as have been any email I have sent. I have made the comment before on a post I did on Iracing, that I swear Sean, doesn’t sleep as it seems as soon as I send an email he has replied no matter what time of day it is. I cannot speak highly enough about their customer support or service it has always been fantastic and a pleasure to deal with these people.

John Christie - SimCraft STAR customer