Your sc120 chassis looks great! Did you follow the design available from SimCraft to the letter, or did you find it could use a couple of enhancements?

I followed the basic principles in the design. The wood dimensions available here and the USA are different so some adjustments were required. I also had a size restraint that I had to work with, so mine is slightly shorter and therefore narrower than as on plan. As long as you follow the principles and “pro rater” the adjustments no problems. Note the centre cockpit have the knuckles at an offset centre. So if you change the outside dimension to need to allow for this. Having built the cockpit through I would say there is a fair degree of flexibility in the design but it is easy to follow and simple enough to build.

I used steel angle braces to secure the outside uprights which were much easier than doing fancy mitre angles, and added some braces to reinforce what I thought maybe potential weak points. My front part of the cockpit was custom made to suit my triple monitors and effort was made to get the seat height / wheel angle and pedals to suit me from my experience with my last cockpit. I also used steel bracing to fix the roll actuator at the back which I found as a solid and easy solution.

It is very comfortable even for long periods. I used a slider on the seat even though they don’t recommend it but I wanted it adjustable for my kids. I would be happy to expand on any of the build info if you have questions along the way. I really enjoyed building this and ended up with something built to suit me and my equipment.

John Christie - SimCraft STAR customer