What does the system feel like when, from this position, you quickly transition to a right hand curve? I understand it will immediately begin to roll the cockpit to the left. While is it not physically possible to complete this transition as quickly as a car can rotate in reality, does the beginning of the transition itself (along with resulting relief of pressure on the right side of the body) trick the mind into believing that the transition is actually much farther along than in reality?

When I first started with the motion system I felt the roll and pitch effects dramatically to the degree I was concentrating so much on them I was initially missing my normal turn in points. All of a sudden you had all these sensations that you had never had to deal with happening and it took a little while for the body to adjust and just “go with it”. I started with the levels turned down from default and over time adjusted to what feels realistic to me now, everyone is different. Different cars and tracks need a different setup. I would confirm that there is zero latency and turning a fast left to right definitely gives the sensation I would expect. Good example is the Road Atlanta track in iRacing, after reaching the top of the hill after turn one, going through the shape right and then flat out for the right hand turn at bottom of the hill leading into the small and very quick right / left bend. It happens so quickly that always brings a smile to my face when I nail it. Sometimes I look at the cockpit in motion and you can get a sense sometimes that it isn’t moving that much, but this does not translate to what is felt. It is probably very much what you are describing with trick the mind into believing that the transition is actually much farther along than in reality?

In actual fact I am only moving the wheel slightly right to left to take the bend but the force I feel as it happens very quickly is greatly enhanced. There is no problem for me imagining I am actually on the track and driving the road.

On this point I would say that one of the best immersion factors is the ability to now feel the elevations in the track. I know and feel when I am going up or down a hill where in the past this has always been one of my biggest disappointments that all the tracks felt flat, even though you knew they were not. Same is felt with braking and planting the foot down.

John Christie, SimCraft STAR customer