Given the quick transitions oftentimes encountered in racing simulations, for example, if when navigating a left-hand turn the simulator leans you to the right and you quickly turn the car back to the right the simulator will need to lean you towards the left - how does the motion technology handle and respond to such a scenario and is it capable of transitioning the way a real car would?

For example, when negotiating a left hand curve the system would roll your body to the right, simulating the feel of your body pressing against the right side of the seat as inertia wants to keep you going straight.

This is indeed possible and our system does it by providing the rotations as you would expect. This is hard to convey without actually getting in a sim but what you feel in the seat coupled with what your inner ear perceives provides a correct simulation of making a turn or losing traction.

The system is very very user adjustable in terms of the level of motion and intensity that you can adjust in real time. Different "titles" will behave differently. A good example of this is if you watch the videos posted on the simcraft website and notice the difference in movement between how the cockpit moves between “Grid” and the one demonstrating iRacing. You would not expect to the thrown all over the place in the Mazda in iRacing for instance as the steering is quiet small, smooth, deliberate adjustments and definitely not an arcade style game. With Grid loaded it is a completely different experience.