How are SimCraft's motion simulators different than seat-mover (FREX-like) systems?

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Seat-mover refers to a motion system in which only the occupant's seat is moving, the controls and visual display remain stationary.

Please read our Educational article about <a rel="nofollow" href="">Motion Systems vs. Motion Seats</a> for research on this topic.

1. SimCraft is a COCKPIT mover, not a SEAT mover. The entire simulation environment (seat, controls and visuals) is in motion.
With the introduction of the SimCraft, it would also be possible to incorporate seat moving or vibrating inside a motion enabled cockpit, although this is not a SimCraft endorsed experience as it tends to break the immersion in the simulation.

2. SimCraft range of motion is much, much larger. The range of motion on a seat-mover system is very small (<10°) compared to SimCraft which allows for up to 50° of roll and up to 25° of pitch ( up to 50° of yaw on the APEX).

3. SimCraft has yaw capability <a href="" target="new">rotating about the center</a>. Some seat-movers allow for a small amount of translational sway by pushing the seat side to side.

4. SimCraft rotates about the <a href=" ... and_centers_of_mass" target="new">center of mass of the occupant</a>, seat-movers do not. The rotation of a seat-mover occurs at a fulcrum below the seat, which is not how actual vehicle physics perform. Rotations around the center of mass of the occupant are much more compelling and immersive. We know egg-headed physics can be a bit overwhelming; as we are fond of saying, “just get in it.” Meaning you need to physically experience a full-motion simulator to understand and appreciate it.

5. SimCraft is used by the military for training, seat-movers are not. The APEX is used by the United States Army for training, and that endorsement should say something. It is also used to teach Car Control at Skip Barber Racing schools and TEAM O'Neil Rally School,

6. SimCraft's <a href="">motion control software, CraftCon</a>, has real-time motion control, allowing you to customize the motion experience while you are driving. We have demoed to over 1000 people over our five years of development and one thing we have found is a constant - everyone is different. Our software has been designed to allow for easy, real-time adjustment so the driver can modify the range of motion and the intensity of each independent axis of rotation. Furthermore, the driver/pilot can also specify how much G-Force they want in their simulation as well as how much orientation - ALL in real-time.

7. SimCraft motion control uses orientation in addition to accelerations, seat-movers use force motion cues only. If you are racing at Watkins Glen or Road Atlanta, there are plenty of elevation changes that impact the orientation of the vehicle in 3D space. If orientations are not used in positioning the sim, the experience will be lacking a very important element.

8. SimCraft allows for XML based settings saving, sharing, etc. Different cars on different tracks, each have different setups in the real world so the same is true in the simulated one. Adjusting motion settings in real-time and saving the setup to a file for future reload is an operation that takes seconds in CraftCon's motion control system.

9. SimCraft allows for SimRacing AND FlightSim. Most people aren't into both, but you might start to like simulated 1 v 1 air to air combat in an F-22 when you try it with your SimCraft application. Seat-movers only provide motion cues for ground based vehicle forces.