SIMCRAFT.COM website launch

SimCraft LLC announces the re-launch of SIMCRAFT.COM. Since January 27th, 2002, SIMCRAFT.COM and its association of simulation enthusiasts has been in a period of uncertainty. With the sudden passing of our founder, William Dexter MacDonald callsign 'Skip', our collection of friends and family had been unable to commit to keeping a vision of "innovative and affordable motion platforms for the home", moving forward. But now, with a renewed sense of importance, SimCraft LLC announces that the vision will continue and at the same time, this vision will be re-invented and accelerated. Over the coming months and years, SIMCRAFT.COM will be offering more exciting products to allow the simulation and video game enthusiasts the opportunity to motion enhance their game playing experiences. Our goal is to become the leading source for motion enabled platforms and peripherals for home use. As we build upon the tradition started 8 years ago with the advent of the SimCraft Primus (Model 0001) motion platform, we will strive to provide more innovative and more affordable products to our customers. We are currently designing and building the next generation of SimCraft motion platforms that will reach out to the video game console players of the world, (i.e. Microsoft? Xbox?, Sony? PlayStation2?, and Nintendo? GameCube?), and look forward to announcing these new and exciting products. In the meantime, please check out our new website and feel free to provide feedback to our about your SIMCRAFT.COM experiences.