Motion simulation supplements IndyCar Series testing at Barber Motorsports Park

Using state of the art motion simulators, IRL drivers can still accurately train in light of reduced on-track testing.

Birmingham, AL (March 1, 2010) -- IndyCar Series teams conducted their only 2010 preseason Open Test at Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham Alabama on February 24th - 25th 2010. The road circuit is 2.3 miles and has hosted the Open Test for the two previous seasons. The Indy Grand Prix of Alabama will be held at Barber on April 11th 2010.

With the reduction in pre-season testing to a single session for economic reasons, several drivers were able to supplement their training by using a full motion racing simulator. SimCraft's APEX sc830 was present at the track, allowing drivers to develop circuit familiarity enhanced with accurate motion cuing. Using iRacing software to accurately replicate the exact track and car, SimCraft's advanced motion technology replicates the physics of vehicle motion to put drivers through their paces.

IRL Testing in SimCraft APEX sc830IRL Simona de Silvestro Testing in SimCraft APEX sc830IRL Testing in SimCraft APEX sc830IRL Testing in SimCraft APEX sc830

The head of US Business for Dallara Automobili, Andrea Toso was on hand.

"Virtual Racing is the obliged future of real racing, it is the only way to handle and master the huge pressure from cost containment, limited track time, number of design options." -- Andrea Toso in a testimonial for iRacing

About SimCraft

SimCraft's core innovation and technology is the simulation of vehicle movement. The company's proprietary software and patent pending hardware provide realistic motion for racing and flight simulation with zero latency‚ĄĘ from controls in to motion out. This high performance system provides an unparalleled virtual environment from training applications by honing technical skills and experimentation with vehicle setups to the ultimate in pure entertainment. For more information about SimCraft's advanced motion technology, visit

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