DHR SimCraft defends Black Cup Title

Congratulations to DHR SimCraft for their repeat as Black Cup champions for 2009.

DHR SimCraft Corvette

Marietta, GA (December 18, 2009) -- The DHR SimCraft team took first and second at Paul Richard to take the Simracing Team Challenge title for a second year in a row. Team DHR SimCraft ran a great race, "one of the best races of the season" accoring to Andreas Hultgren of SimRacingTeamChallenge.COM.

Keith Barrick, who eventually won the race, passed teammate Jack Keithley after early pit stops to take the lead. The DHR SimCraft Corvettes mainted their lead to cross the finsh Le Mans style (side by side) and win enough points to repeat their championship.

The full race is available for streaming or download from PSRTV.com, Professional simulation racing online.

About DHR SimCraft

SimCraft is the lead title sponsor of DHR GP, a leading SimRacing team with 35 of the top SimRacers in the world. The partnership brings awareness to the cutting edge motion simulation technology and continued exposure for DHR's established position at the top of the SimRacing leader board.

About SimCraft

SimCraft's core innovation and technology is the simulation of vehicle movement. The company's proprietary software and patent pending hardware provide advanced motion simulation once only available for military and commercial training. A proprietary "center of mass" system architecture allows for zero latency‚ĄĘ from controls in to motion response out. The high performance motion system provides an unparalleled virtual environment for honing car control skills, experimentation with vehicle setups, and ultimately being the first motion simulation system which has brought the feeling of contact patch and seat of your pants feel to reality.

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