New Graphics Options for APEX sc830

SimCraft adds ATI Eyefinity and Single 42" HD LCD as Options for APEX sc830

SimCraft announced the support of two new monitor configurations for flagship racing sim APEX sc830. A single HD 42" LCD monitor and a triple screen setup with three 24" monitors utilizing newly launched graphics technology from ATI, Eyefinity.

"The three 24s create a much larger overall view than the three 21s do as we previously supported. Since we stick with native resolutions for visual accuity in our simulations we have had a strict limitation on monitor size for triple screen setups. The limit has been 22" monitors utilizing three panel technology in the Triple Head 2 Go from Matrox", says SimCraft CTO Sean Patrick MacDonald. "This is no longer the limitation as the state of the art for multi-panel display has been advanced with ATI's Eyefinity."

Jumping up just a few inches per monitor makes a difference for the driver and proved to be a major hit at the ATI Eyefinity launch party. "We'll be working to expand the visual experience in the future ", continued MacDonald, "to support additional options for our customers including taking a look at the 6 panel setup that this new system from ATI can support."

The large single 42" monitor is something that several customers have requested for the APEX since it was launched in January. "The single 42" monitor provides a taller view which allows for more clarity down the road which is typically an attribute that your older drivers are going to look for. Anything we can do to provide flexibility and options to incorporate various technologies for our customers is one of our goals. Modularity of design was a primary factor for designing the APEX the way we did."

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