CraftCon 1.2 - Collision Detection and the Launch of SimCraft.NET Client

SimCraft released CraftCon 1.2 today which includes the release of SimCraft.NET, and dynamic collision detection.

SimCraft.NET is a client designed to allow SimCraft customers to easily upload and download saved motion profiles. This new feature allows the first opportunity to collaborate and share various motion profiles designed for specific cars, tracks, and titles.

"The long term objective is to create a SimCraft customer community", says SimCraft Information Officer Michael Boardman.

"The SimCraft.NET client is the first step towards this objective allowing the most important first step, the sharing of motion setup data for the sim."

SimCraft plans to expand the community in 2010 with the addition of forums, blogs, and affiliate and agency programs.

The other major feature release in CraftCon 1.2 is Collision Detection algorithms and settings designed to create an impact motion when a collision event is detected. Collision events may be something as subtle as a bump draft, or something as violent as a head on wall collision. "The idea here is to create an additional motion response beyond what you get by simply driving the vehicle.", says CTO Sean Patrick MacDonald. "To date we have focused our development efforts on feeling car control and being able to provide the driver the feeling of contact patch and limit of adhesion. Collision Detection is a feature that does nothing to push this previous focus forward but instead provide a tactile response to something a driver does not intend to do like contacting a wall or another car."

About SimCraft
SimCraft's core innovation and technology is the simulation of vehicle movement. The company's proprietary software and patent pending hardware provide realistic motion for racing and flight simulation with zero latency™ from controls in to motion out. This high performance system provides an unparalleled virtual environment from training applications by honing technical skills and experimentation with vehicle setups to the ultimate in pure entertainment.

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