Car Racing Simulator Demonstration Facility Opens in Mooresville, NC.

SimCraft Corporation brings real-life technology directly to racers

Marietta, GA (April 20, 2009) -- To showcase its state-of-the-art technology to the heart of motorsports country, SimCraft Corporation today announced the opening of a demonstration facility in Mooresville, N.C. Specifically developed for the professional racer, the APEX SC830 features center-of-mass rotation that is instrumental in providing the driver with a true-to-life racing experience.

Three degrees of freedom (roll 40° / pitch 25° / yaw 40°) let the driver experience realistic car racing forces while software integration with more than 20 racing titles, including iRacing and ARCA Sim Racing, enable drivers to learn the nuances of virtually any racetrack.

The appointment-only facility is located at:
  Lakeside Business Park
  181 Gasoline Alley
  Suite 210
  Mooresville, NC 28117
To secure a reservation, please call 1-877-SIMCRAFT, then press 2.

"Our thorough understanding of motion quality and the technology we researched and developed based on that knowledge really set our product apart from other sims," says Greg Pachman, SimCraft's sales manager. "Our demonstration facility will give racing industry professionals the opportunity to experience our product's uniqueness firsthand."

In addition to its training applications, the APEX SC830 is ideal for client and employee entertainment. "Driving the sim gives crews a fun break after putting in long hours at the shop," Pachman says.

The APEX SC830 debuted at 2009 International CES® in Las Vegas. IndyCar and Indy 500 driver Sarah Fisher, who endorses and owns an APEX SC830, helped unveil the motion simulator at the world's largest consumer electronics tradeshow.

For more information on the APEX SC830, call 877-SIMCRAFT or visit

About SimCraft
SimCraft's roots trace back to the late William Dexter MacDonald, a retired electrical engineer, who designed a new method of simulating the motion of aircraft in 1998. Though MacDonald never saw his vision come to complete fruition, his son Sean continued the mission and expanded the technology into motorsports simulation.

As several generations of prototyping ensued, so did the young company's needs for planning in manufacturing and business development. SimCraft partnered with XenGenn, LLC, to catalyze these efforts and help refine the new technology and expand its applications. The now patent-pending simulation technology appeals to drivers and pilots alike because of its high-fidelity performance and military-grade quality. From training applications to pure entertainment, the SimCraft product lineup has broad appeal.

SimCraft is a member company of the Advanced Technology Development Center and has offices in Atlanta, Ga., and Mooresville, NC.

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