Manufactured in Marietta, GA USA | Installed Everywhere
Manufactured in Marietta, GA USA
Installed Everywhere

Introducing SimCraft AXIS

SimCraft continues leading motion simulation innovation with low cost motion solutions

6/1/2017 (Marietta, GA) SimCraft has announced a new lineup of enthusiast motion products under a brand new product category called “Plug ‘n Play” motion peripherals.

The three new motion peripherals will be marketed under a new product line entitled, AXIS. Leveraging the professional pedigree of SimCraft’s other product lines, APEX, AERO, and AUTO, the AXIS line follows SimCraft’s unique approach to motion by combining the hardware mechanics of real physics and SimCraft’s own high performance motion control software, CraftCon.

New Systems and Pricing Information:

AXIS1Y (YAW) – $2,497 | $2,997
Will be offered in two actuator stroke lengths
Can be combined with AXIS2SS for a total of three degrees of freedom
AXIS1Y Product Page

AXIS2SS (SURGE / SWAY) – $3,997
Can be combined with the AXIS1Y for a total of three degrees of freedom
AXIS2SS Product Page

AXIS2RP (ROLL / PITCH ) – $4,997 | $5,997
Will be offered in two actuator stroke lengths
AXIS2RP Product Page

Each of these new products features a “universal” mounting surface to mount existing “static” racing and flight rigs. “The primary goal for this product line is to make it easy to add motion to the vast array of existing static rigs.”, said Sean Patrick MacDonald, SimCraft co-founder and chief technologist. “While we can’t possibly support every rig on the market, we would like to be as versatile as possible. We are expecting some refinements over time to the universal mounting surface but I think we have a well thought out starting point.”

SimCraft is offering free consultation to potential customers to make sure their setup will be compatible, even offering a refundable deposit for these types of scenarios. Deposits of $500 are being taken for pre-orders on SimCraft sister company website to secure a spot in the production schedule.

As a special one time offer, the first 10 customers of each product will receive a $500 discount on the final payment of their chosen system. Systems are expected to begin shipping September 1st, 2017.

About SimCraft
SimCraft is a Marietta, GA USA based simulation equipment manufacturing company. Established in 1998, SimCraft has developed motion simulation solutions for professional motorsport, aviation, driver’s education, and the enthusiast markets, shipping product to over 30 countries to date.