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Georgia Drivers Education commission receives 39 SimCraft, developed for driver’s ed

MARIETTA, Georgia – January 6th, 2015 – SimCraft completed the delivery of 39 new driver’s education motion units, dubbed the AUTO3, throughout the state of Georgia this week.

The newly designed system leverages SimCraft’s motion technology to give young drivers the sense of feel while learning the basics of driving an automobile in the 21st century. The units were deployed to various technical colleges spread out throughout the state.

The AUTO3 has motion on three degrees of freedom: roll, pitch, and yaw. The mobile friendly product also features an automotive seat, steering wheel, and pedals, and an automatic shifter.

“I designed this SimCraft model with direct inputs from the Governors Office of Highway Safety.” says Sean Patrick MacDonald, SimCraft co-founder. “The management team at the GOHS knew exactly what they wanted in this product. The sim had to be easily moveable, to fit through a standard doorway with minimal disassembly, incorporate surround visuals, and our motion technology while integrating automotive components for the seat and the controls.”

Young drivers around the state will begin using the AUTO3 in early 2016.

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