Motion Platforms or Motion Seats?

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Published Date: 08/13/2009
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The author, Phillip Denne, is a very authoritative source for vehicle Simulation research.

Given that good motion cues are essential for reinforcing the link between the occupant and vehicle dynamics, Denne explains what comprises a good motion simulation and reinforces the position that no motion is better than bad motion.

So how do you ensure a motion architecture will provide the correct experience? Denne states that just moving the CAB (seat w/ occupant and controls) about a stationary screen is effective for small movements of ground vehicles only, but large motion requires the screen to be displaced as well. However, he goes on later to state that just moving the seat (without controls moving) "breaks the most fundamental rule of motion simulation".

SimCraft Full Motion Simulator (left) compared to a FREX style seat only mover (right)

What this all means is that a seat mover motion simulator is either limited to "vibration" level motion cues, or it risks breaking the immersion of the virtual simulation. Where as full motion simulators that move the entire occupant compartment; like SimCraft's APEX sc830 and STAR systems; retain this immersion. This allows the occupant to perceive only the intended motion cues of the system instead of the disconnect between their body in the seat and the environment beyond the seat, namely the controls and visual displays.

For complete details, please read the original article by Phillip Denne.

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