Manufactured in Marietta, GA USA | Installed Everywhere

Welcome to the Future of Driver Development and Race Engineering
The SimCraft APEX6 GTS with Independent Full Motion is Here!

SimCraft makes the ONLY simulation hardware in the world that feels like a real vehicle.   With a physics based motion approach and a proprietary method of mechanically separated dof to isolate and configure all 6 axes of motion independently, SimCraft is the choice for Driver Development and Race Engineering. 

Let us help you configure your SimCraft APEX Product:
Unlimited Seat time at a Fixed Cost:
  • Not only is it the most realistic in feel, it's also the most versatile in framework.
  • Every axis of motion can be tuned individually
  • Modular design, comes apart for easy installation (anywhere)
  • Roll, PItch, Yaw, Surge, Sway, and Heave (All 6 Degrees of Freedom)
  • UPGRADE PATH - You can build your SimCraft up to all six degrees of motion - Regardless of initial starting point
  • 3 Years Full Warranty / 3 Years Full Support Package
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