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Racecar Engineering, Coverage of SimCraft - September 2011
by Gemma Hatton, Racecar Engineering
Posted August 17th, 2011
Racecar Engineering - Septemeber 2011 Racecar Engineering's September 2011 issue includes several pages of motion based simulator reviews including a feature editorial on SimCraft.

"It's independent axis structure, with fixed mutually perpendicular axes of rotation, distinguishes it from the hexapod-type systems."

         -Racecar Engineering, September 2011

"APEX Systems also reproduce vehicular kinetics, offering a natural feel and real-time adjustability..."

         -Racecar Engineering, September 2011

nVidia runs into SimCraft at PAX East- March 2011
by Mike DeNeffe, nVidia Blog
Posted March 17th, 2011
nVidia Reloaded The highlight: "I spent time in the iRacing booth with their latest sim racing rig from SimCraft. There's nothing like taking on Laguna Seca or Watkins Glen in a virtual IndyCar with hydraulics and force feedback."

OK, so the part about hydraulics is incorrect (SimCraft is electric), but we'll take it.

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PC Gamer Review of SimCraft - August 2010
by Andy Mahood, PC Gamer Magazine
Posted July 10th, 2010
PC Gamer - August 2010 Andy Mahood of PC Gamer reviewed SimCraft in the Simulation column of PC Gamer magazine, August 2010 edition.

"Whether you fancy the DIY option or SimCraft's pricier APEX turnkey system, true full motion simulation has just moved one step closer to univeral accessibility."

         -PC Gamer, August 2010

"I recently came across a product that had me salivating and murmuring to myself in tongues (and it does take some effort to make that happen)..."

         -PC Gamer, August 2010

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New Simulator sharpens Driving Skills on Unpaved Roads
by Lori Ponoroff, Halldale Media Group
Posted June 14th, 2010
US Army Core of EngineersResearchers at the U.S. Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Lab in Hanover, N.H. are developing a training simulator that will mimic the same challenging environments soldiers face behind the wheel, because one-third as many are killed in vehicle accidents as in combat.

The simulator is the brainchild of professional race car drivers who help conduct traditional Army driver training, who thought more soldiers would benefit if a portable, military-optimized driving simulator were available.
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2010 Beijing Auto Show Features Driving Simulator
by Mechanical Simulation Corporation
Posted May 24th, 2010
Geely Automobile, a large automotive manufacturer based in Zhejiang Linhai, China, highlighted tire blow out control technology (BMBS) using a motion-based driving simulator delivered by Mechanical Simulation Corporation, Ann Arbor, Mich. The interactive driving simulator features three degrees of freedom - roll, pitch and yaw - and is controlled by the simulation software CarSim for Driving Simulators.

SimCraft motion simulator technologySimCraft motion simulator technology

The simulator features a 140-degree panoramic display system, operational instrument gauges, high-torque force feedback steering system, 5.1 surround sound system and multiple traffic vehicles to make the driving experience as realistic as possible. Dr. Jin Hu of Mechanical Simulation explains, "Geely Automobile selected CarSim since the technology is known throughout the world as the most accurate and validated vehicle simulation tool for automotive engineering and driving simulators. CarSim, the technology that runs the driving simulator, can be used by Geely engineers to test and develop next-generation safety and vehicle control systems. It was very important for them to provide their customers with a real world experience in the simulator."
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ATDC Company SimCraft's Product Featured in Iron Man 2
by Nancy Fullbright
Posted May 20th, 2010
When Tony Stark - a genius engineer and the hero of Marvel Studios' new film Iron Man 2 - needed to train for the Monaco Grand Prix, only a top-notch racing simulator would suffice. Although Stark lives in a world inhabited by superheroes, he obtained the innovative technology in Atlanta from SimCraft, a member of Georgia Tech's Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC).

Iron Man workshop of Tony Stark

The SimCraft APEX racing simulator is featured prominently in the Iron Man 2 film, along with a number of unique cars and a folding wing aircraft. SimCraft produces a low-cost, military-grade, full-motion simulator that provides a simulated G-force for SimRacing and FlightSim at home. The system features a patent-pending chassis that rotates around three degrees of freedom. At its most advanced setup, the system allows the cockpit's occupant to yaw up to 50 degrees to the left and right, pitch up to 30 degrees fore and aft, and roll up to 50 degrees port and starboard.
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Iron Man's trainer reveals high-tech workout
by Lori Corbin, ABC News
Posted May 10th, 2010
SimCraft APEX used by Robert Downey Jr.To handle working in his 40-lb. costume in "Iron Man," actor Robert Downey Jr. got a whole new set of fitness toys that would keep things fresh for "Iron Man 2".

For Bose, it's keeping things fun, keeping things fresh, and of course making it effective. Functional performance training is not just for Iron Man, but for every man and every woman.
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Indy Grand Prix of Alabama notebook
by Jim Dunn, Birmingham News correspondent
Posted April 9th, 2010
SimCraft at Indy Grand Prix of AlabamaSo close to the real thing

Maybe you're a track terror at Wii racing, or overclocked your PC enough to make a cyber Will Power quake in fear.

But can your home racing setup immerse you in a simulated race realistic enough to translate to actual lap-time improvements?

Simcraft, which had its APEX sc839 simulator set up in the paddock area, allowed would-be racers to experience wide-screen, pivoting trips around the Barber track.

Simcraft representative Sean Yoder explained, "We're here this weekend to get the teams involved, get people in the seat, show them exactly what our technology is all about. We can run motorsport simulation, flight simulation and we can put you in a Volkswagen Beetle or we can put you in the space shuttle and shoot you out to the moon."

Simcrafts installations start at $3,000 and go up to whatever you want to spend, and are so realistic that Yoder says, "We've got teams here this weekend that are already using this for track training."
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Armed with Science Episode #58: The SAVE Program - Teaching Vehicle Control to SAVE Soldiers Lives
Posted March 10th, 2010
US Army Core of EngineersSally Shoop and Barry Coutermarsh, research engineers at the US Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Lab, will discuss the SAVE (Synthetic Automotive Virtual Environments) program, which aims to building hardware and software that can teach soldiers how to control a vehicle to avoid accidents and rollovers, and save the lives of military and civilian vehicle operators.

One third as many soldiers are killed in vehicle accidents than in combat. To get technology for accident avoidance training into the hands of our soldiers, first you have to have good models for road surfaces encountered in military operations so that the vehicle dynamics is accurate enough to respond like a real vehicle.

Two characteristics that make this SAVE distinctive from others are the ability to add unique surface environments into models and a partnership with top experts in the field, including Team O'Neil Rally School and Vehicle Control Training (VCT) of Franconia, NH, MIT, Georgia Tech, Ford Motor Company, SimCraft, and the Mechanical Simulation Corporation.

"How do you know that the research that takes place in a simulator can actually be helpful to civilians or soldiers in the real world?"
"There is a lot of evidence out there in the real world about different companies that are using simulators for situational awareness."
"We put them in our simulator for 10 weeks for thirty minutes and we taught them how to control the vehicle and avoid an accident. We then took folks that hadn't been trained, and we took both groups out and put them in real vehicles, and we ran them through the accident avoidance test in real vehicles and we looked at how they did."
"The group with the simulator did much better than the group without the simulator training. We think this has real promise."
-- Barry Coutermarsh, research engineer at the US Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Lab

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Motorsports Management International installs SimCraft APEX sc830 in the driver's lounge
Posted February 25th, 2010
MMI recently installed a SimCraft racing simulator in MMI's driver's lounge, known officially as the "Smoke Lounge." The Apex sc830 Professional Racing Simulator unit is outfitted with iRacing software to simulate real-like racing conditions and motions. The unit has already caught the curiosity of several MMI clients who have hopped on board for fun or prepare for an upcoming test or race, including 2010 Daytona 500 Champion Jamie McMurray. The unit is especially helpful to the younger development drivers that lack the track time at certain race tracks, some of which they have never visited before. It also provides the more experienced driver and their engineers with valuable set-up information for specific tracks. New track records are sure to follow.
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Hershey's Named 'Official Flavored Milk and Milkshakes of Speedweeks 2010'
by Lynne Bohan, HP Hood LLC
Posted February 5th, 2010
Trevor Bayne driving SimCraft APEX sc830Michael Waltrip training NWS99 with SimCraft APEX sc830Hershey's SimCraft APEX sc830
Number 99 Nationwide car driver, Trevor Bayne fuels up with a Hershey's Chocolate Milk after several laps on a racing simulator while Robin Braig, Daytona International Speedway President and team owner, Michael Waltrip comment on Bayne's "rookie" performance. Bayne, Braig and surprise guest, Waltrip participated in a press conference announcing Hershey's Milk and Milkshakes presenting sponsorship of Speedweeks 2010 and its role as the Official Milk and Milkshakes of Speedweeks 2010.

During the press event, a Hershey's Milk & Milkshakes-branded racing simulator was displayed as a racing duel was issued. In order to celebrate the launch of these new products, Braig was challenged by Blake to race against Trevor Bayne, driver for Michael Waltrip Racing in the NASCAR Nationwide Series, in a time challenge on the simulator.
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Q&A with DHR's Damian Dainhumain
by Andreas Hultgren
Posted December 24th, 2009
DHR SimCraft DHR SimCraft
Congratulations Damian! It must feel really great to have managed to turn this season around from a somewhat miserable start?
It feels better then great and it's amazing we managed to win the title after the technical problems earlier in the season which left us over 50 or so points down from the leaders. Everyone played their part in the team and we are all filled with joy from this success.
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DHR SimCraft wins in style and defends their title!
Posted December 18th, 2009
DHR SimCraftProject D's home race at Paul Ricard became one of the best races of the season as DHR SimCraft took an outstanding double.

Teo Bubicic for DHR Fanatec took over the lead but when Jack Keithley came up behind in the other DHR SimCraft Corvette he moved to the side and let thim through. DMSv driver Fredrik Tackman who looked to be the one of the DMSv drivers to really fight it out at the top had to pit for dry tires after just three laps. This put DHR SimCraft in a perfect position to try and nurse their cars to the finish line.

Keithley then got passed by teammate Barrick after the pit stops. Barrick who had charged hard was early up in the top five and just worked his way through the feild, one car at the time. These two then kept cool and finished in classic Le Mans style, side by side over the line.
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AMD Vision: Ready For Take-Off
photos by Kim Kulish
Posted September 15th, 2009
photos by Kim Kulish - ATI Eyefinity on a Simcraft APEX sc830 racing motion simulatorAdvanced Micro Devices launched its new Vision marketing campaign Thursday at an auspicious venue -- the retired U.S.S. Hornet aircraft carrier. AMD also introduced a technology it calls Eyefinity at the Vision event. Eyefinity enables HD resolution across multiple displays running from a single PC with multiple ATI graphics cards, or even just one. And with display makers like Samsung producing products with thinner beveling, the cross-hatch effect of running a single image on multiple monitors should be less obtrusive soon, AMD executives assured the crowd. Describing the coming GPU as "the most powerful processor ever," Bergman said the new cards would deliver 2.5 teraflops of processing power at the same price points as AMD's current ATI Radeon 4800 generation of GPUs. What would an AMD event be without lots of gaming? Direct X 11 video games on offer for attendees at the Vision event included "Dirt 2," a rally car driving game. With three displays powered by AMD Eyefinity, it's almost like you're really kicking up dust.
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AMD Goes Head to Head with Intel With the Launch of the Most Powerful Home PC Graphics Processor in History
Posted September 14th, 2009
Most Powerful GPU on a Simcraft APEX sc830 Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) launches the most powerful home PC graphics processor in the history of computing. At the same time, the global technology giant announces an ambitious $50 million re-brand to help consumers understand their products and remove techno-jargon from the consumer computer market place.
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Teen driving: Can computers teach us to drive?
Posted September 14th, 2009
Perhaps the most advanced racing-simulation software is that of Boston-based iRacing, where Steve Potter, director of communications, says one of the firm's long-term goals is novice-driver training. One iRacing partner is Simcraft, maker of the Apex line of full-motion simulators. These sell for $15,000 to $45,000. Simcraft has been contracted to develop training projects for the U.S. military. Combine the sophisticated simulation at iRacing with a Simcraft unit--a combo now in use for training race drivers--and you can envision driver's-ed simulators that offer g-force sensations. Driving schools could be attracted at a cost that could reduce what they now spend to buy and maintain a fleet of cars.
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AMD previews next-gen gaming
by Aharon Etengoff
Posted September 11th, 2009
ATI Eyefinity on a Simcraft APEX sc830 racing motion simulator from TGDialy.comA number of rigs, projectors, laptops, components and games were displayed - including a 24-screen flight simulator and a Simcraft racing system powered by Eyefinity. Eyefinity supports up to 12 times 1080p high-definition resolution, with a combined theoretical resolution of 268 megapixels. In contrast, the average 19 inch LCD display typically has an image quality of only slightly more than 1 megapixel.
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AMD showcases Eyefinity multi-display technology
by Aharon Etengoff
Posted September 10th, 2009
AMD showcased its Eyefinity multi-display technology during a media event on the USS Hornet in Alameda, California. Eyefinity - which is powered by a single, next generation ATI graphics card - allows users to natively connect up to six HD displays to one PC.
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Birthday Party with a SimCraft Simulator at Fiamme's Restaurant
Posted August 9th, 2009
Mixing long time friends with racing buddies was the goal for this year's Birthday Bash for the "Pit Daddy" Jeff. Fiamme's Restaurant was the perfect setting for the party because the owner, Jerry White, purchased a $35,000 racing simulator and keeps it at the restaurant for racing enthusiast to practice on. Using iRacing we dialed in the Laguna Seca track driving a Radical. Great food and the famous "Pit Tootsie Cocktail" was served throughout the night. Many trophies were given out including one for fastest racer (Doug Baron), fastest amateur (Larry Marciano) and best excuse for losing (Tom Bosley). The Pit Tootsies helped with overseeing the simulator and the trophy ceremony. Fun night with lots of smiles.
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SimCraft APEX sc830 Racing Simulator
by Dante Jolay
Posted June 15th, 2009
Most Realistic Race Car Simulator on the Market. Have you ever wanted to experience the thrill of driving a racecar at 200 MPH, but you don't have a $1,000,000 racing budget? Take the APEX SC830 for a spin for a real sensation of speed.
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The UBS Motorcars Under the Stars at the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum
photo by Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum
Posted June 18th, 2009
Simeone Foundation Automotive MuseumA Simcraft racing simulator was a popular diversion at the sixth annual UBS Motor Cars Under the Stars benefit at the Simeone Foundation Museum in Southwest Philadelphia.
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Social Circuit
by Caroline Stewart for The Philadelphia Inquirer
photos by David Swanson, Staff Photographer
Posted June 10th, 2009
APEX sc830 motorsport motion simulatorUnited Cerebral Palsy of Philadelphia & Vicinity held its sixth annual UBS Motor Cars Under the Stars benefit June 3 at the Simeone Foundation Museum in Southwest Philadelphia. More than 400 guests were wowed by Dr. Fred Simeone's collection of 65 racing sports cars and a one-night display of privately owned performance cars from the late 1940s to early 1960s, including Ralph Lauren's 1950 Jaguar XK120. The event, which honored Maddy and Harvey Rovinsky, owners of Bernie Robbins Fine Jewelers, raised more than $200,000 for UCP.
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Expensive Neat Device: Motion Simulator Dev Kit
Posted June 4th, 2009
Simcraft is a Marietta, GA based company specialised in motion simulators for racing games. 'Like many others' i hear you think... but this is where Simcraft breaks the rule with their unique approach and they describe it like this: "... an idea for a balanced mass architecture to reduce the need for expensive high force actuation. This one idea created the concept for a new, more effective, more organic, and more affordable way to simulate vehicle dynamics... SimCraft's core motion technology is now the most affordable option for anyone seeking a military grade, full motion experience for flight and racing simulation. Analogous to buying the motor and building your own car, STAR is the SimCraft engine that drives the most realistic ZERO latency™ motion simulations."
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John Wes Townley Express Notes - Darlington Raceway
Posted May 5th, 2009
APEX sc830 motorsport motion simulatorWhen testing is banned in NASCAR you find alternative ways of getting laps around tracks you have never seen before. Therefore, John Wes Townley spent two days this week making laps around Darlington Raceway in a SimCraft Simulator. The simulator is designed to provide the driver with a true-to-life racing experience. Three degrees of freedom; roll, pitch and yaw let the driver experience realistic car racing forces while software integration enables drivers to learn the nuances of virtually any racetrack.
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Simcraft Apex sc830 now just $25K. Order now!
by Ben Kuchera
Posted April 13th, 2009
Simcraft just let us know that the Apex sc830 is now only $25,000. I wonder if they'll take a personal check? At-home racing simulators just got the tiniest bit closer.
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Open, Shut and In Between, Thousands Oaks Edition
by Lisa McKinnon, lifestyle columnist for Ventura County Star
Sunday, March 29th, 2009
Pay no attention to that old Alessio Ristorante sign at 3731 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd. in the Paseo Marketplace, where the new tenant, Fiamme Restaurant & Bar (805-497-9444), marked its official grand opening on Tuesday. In addition to its signature spicy marinara sauce (served in a flaming dish and meant for bread dipping) the restaurant offers the region's only SimCraft APEX sc830 racing simulator in the lounge. "We found it at a consumer electronics show, and it was always 100-men deep," co-owner Elizabeth Beddow said with a laugh. "We may use it as part of a race-day brunch promotion."
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CES 09 Flashback: What made the Cabrtosr Cool List
by Ian McNaughton, the senior manager of advanced marketing at AMD
Posted March 3rd, 2009
APEX sc830 motion racing simulator Simcraft are the proud makers of REAL (not for us gamers) full-motion simulators. Three monitors, multiple actuators, a lifelike roll cage and 100% adrenaline fed gaming bliss. Neither Charlie nor I had the nerve to jump in this badboy (mostly because the line stretched on for 400ft) so we didn't actually try it out, but based on the sheer massive amount of people in line to do a few laps I am convinced this is a winner.
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Inside Sim Racing Episode 36—SimCraft
Aired Jan. 25th, 2009 is the only show dedicated to the world of simulated motorsports. See the hosts run some laps against IndyCar driver Sarah Fisher in SimCraft's APEX sc830 from the 2009 International CES.
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SimCraft APEX sc830 Simulator: First Look Review
Published Jan. 19th, 2009, a brand-new gadget IPTV channel online in the UK, airs footage of the APEX sc830 in action at the world's largest consumer electronics show, the 2009 International CES.
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CES 2009: Simcraft APEX sc830
Published Jan. 15th, 2009
Legit Reviews, a website that gives computer users around the world an inside view into the current computer industry and a peek into what the future holds, recently profiled the APEX sc830, the industry's most realistic simulator.
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CES 2009: Hands (and butt)-on with the SimCraft APEX
by by Justin McElroy,
Published Jan. 12th, 2009
We love showing you the pieces of technology that will forever change the way you game. Sadly, they don't show those things at CES, so we're relegated to showing you really cool crap that you'll never own. The SimCraft APEX is just such a device, a simulator designed to give you the sensation of hurtling around a track in a race car or (with some slight modifications) flying a plane. We put the APEX SC830 through its paces at CES and have to admit the effect is pretty impressive.
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Live from CES: Speed Racer
Published Jan. 11th, 2009
Reporter Stephen Cass from DISCOVER, the nation's leading general-interest science magazine, reports from the 2009 International CES on SimCraft's APEX sc830.
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The SimCraft Full-Body Moving Gaming Cage in Action (video)
Published Jan. 11th, 2009
A reporter from Ars Technica, specialists in original news and reviews of technology, put the APEX sc830 through the paces at the 2009 International CES.
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SimCraft Took Me for a Ride at CES
Published Jan. 11th, 2009
Coolest Gadgets writer Mark R. experiences an authentic auto racing ride on the APEX sc830 at the 2009 International CES.
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'Car Simulator' Takes Racing Games to New Level
Published Jan. 11th, 2009
The UK's Telegraph newspaper and website introduce riders across the pond to the APEX sc830.
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LIFE - The International Consumer Electronics Show Highlights Latest Gadgets
photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images
Posted Jan. 10th, 2009
The International Consumer Electronics Show Highlights SimCraft APEX sc830 motion racing simulatorCory Mann tries out the new Apex SC320 car racing simulator by SimCraft at the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center January 10, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The USD 44,000.00 simulator offers a virtual experience of real racing and features full pitch, roll and yaw capabilities.
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AP - SimCraft APEX sc830 at CES 2009
photo by Associated Press Images
Posted Jan. 10th, 2009
Associated Press Images of the SimCraft APEX sc830An attendee plays with the $45,000 gaming console, Simcraft, at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas on Saturday, Jan. 10, 2009.
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Best Products of CES 2009
Published Jan. 10th, 2009
The Simcraft Apex SC830 race car simulator moves just like an actual race car. The Simcraft is just like real racing, except that you won't get plastered onto a wall at 175 mph. Okay, it costs $40,000, but a guy can dream, right?
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A Race Car Simulator That Costs Almost as Much as a Race Car
by Edward N. Albro, PC World
Published Jan. 10th, 2009
If, like me, you've always dreamed of driving a race car really, really fast, but have been deterred by minor worries like the possibility of smashing headlong into a wall, you'll drool over the Simcraft Apex sc830.
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APEX Racing Simulator has Three Degrees of Freedom, Zero Latency™
Posted Jan. 9th, 2009
TechBlog Images of the SimCraft APEX sc830There's no shame in wanting to bring the true racing experience home, especially if it's the Simcraft APEX SC830 -- shown at CES 2009. Whether your passion is becoming a top Formula 1 racer or just winning a few Forza Motorsport 2 tourneys, nothing says "professional" like the Simcraft APEX SC830.
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This Driving Simulator Isn't for You-Yet
Published Jan. 9th, 2009
St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Tim Barker gives readers a peek into his recent 2009 International CES visit and his chance to ride the APEX sc830.
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CES 2009: Racing SimCraft's $60,000 Simulator
Published Jan. 9th, 2009
Blogger Jesse Henning signs his life away and climbs into SimCraft's APEX sc830 at the 2009 International CES and previews a new collapsible model available next year.
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SimCraft Racing at CES
Published Jan. 8th, 2009
Salt Lake Tribune reporter Kim McDaniel stops by the SimCraft booth at the 2009 International CES and tries out the "incredibly realistic race simulator" APEX sc830 next to IndyCar driver Sarah Fisher.
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U.S. Military Invests with SimCraft to Save Soldiers Lives
Published Jan. 2nd, 2009
Part of CBS Interactive, BNET published this article informing readers about a recent partnership between SimCraft, Vehicle Control Training, the U.S. Army, Ford Motor Co., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Georgia Tech to find ways to reduce motor vehicle accidents.
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SimCraft Gets Contract from Defense Department
Published Dec. 31st, 2008
The Morning Call newspaper published this story about a recent joint venture between SimCraft, the military, and other industry giants to study ways to reduce motor vehicle accidents.
SimCraft Apex Racing Simulator Offers Vomit-Covered Thrills
Published Dec. 15th, 2008
Gawker Media's largest blog, Gizmodo, receives upwards of 80 million page views a month in traffic, and recently alerted tech and gadget lovers about the upcoming debut of the APEX sc830 at the 2009 International CES.
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The Ultimate Racing Experience, Minus the Engine Fires
Published Dec. 15th, 2008
A unit of Fox Interactive Media, Inc., IGN Entertainment is a leading Internet media and services provider focused on the videogame and entertainment enthusiast markets. This article lets "future Jeff Gordon's" know that a new pro racing simulator is making its way to the general public.
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Awesome SimCraft Race Simulator Guarantees Eternal Bachelor Status
Published Dec. 14th, 2008
Sharing the latest on the coolest toys, tech scoops, and great design, shares why the APEX sc830 is going to revolutionize the sim experience.
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SimCraft's Highly Realistic APEX Racing Simulators Coming to CES
Published Dec. 13th, 2008
An Instablog network site designed to help individuals spend their dollars on the "snootiest thingmazig around," published this story which provides an overview of the APEX sc830.
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SimCraft to Debut Racing Simulators at the 2009 International CES
Published Dec. 9th, 2008
Focused on the OEM machine builder, design engineer, and engineering manager, Design World shared the news that SimCraft is debuting its racing simulator at 2009 CES.
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