APEX Racing Simulators

APEX: Professional motion simulators for racing driver training, specifically designed to simulate racecar feel and give competitors an invaluable asset for development and preparation.  Compatible with iRacing, Gran Turismo, Assetto Corsa, Project CARS, and many others.    Installed in homes, mancaves, garages, car condos, clubs, and race shops across planet Earth.   Made in the USA.

The APEX product line from SimCraft is an extensive elite-quality racing simulator class, with price and performance models up and down the entire line. With proprietary motion simulation technology unlike any other on the market and in development for nearly two decades, APEX products have been in production since 2008.   APEX simulators are made in the USA in the SimCraft factory located just outside Atlanta, GA.

The product line starts with the APEX cockpit.   Hand made from race-class round tube DOM steel, and TIG and MIG welded in house.   The cockpit is ergonomically designed with extensive adjustments for virtually any race seat, racing pedals, steering wheels, and shifters, as well as for visual options that include all types of single or triple screen setups, and Oculus VR.  The cockpit can be purchased seperately, or as a complete unit, and has built in motion simulator upgradeability to incorporate roll, pitch, yaw, surge, sway or heave down the road at a later time.   Design, engineering, and fabrication is performed in-house, therefor SimCraft can customize to suit.

Motion simulator models start at the Yaw only APEX1 with oversteer and understeer feel, and scale up to a unit that incorporates all 6 degrees of freedom, also known in the industry as "Full Motion".

Decide which APEX model is best for you, then pick a trim package, which are comprised of components for audio, visual, and sim control technologies:

Base Model:   Chassis and SimCraft motion technology

CT (Compact Trainer):  Complete system, Small footprint package

GTC: Complete System, Consumer Controls

GTS: Complete System, Professional Controls, New tech and features

Custom:  Completely customize the options for your sim