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Manufactured in Marietta, GA USA
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SimCraft’s New Product Key To Driver Ty Gibbs’ Development

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Ty Gibbs has been around racing his entire life. You might say it’s in his genes. The grandson of Joe Gibbs, owner of Joe Gibbs Racing, might only be 14 years old, but he has been around the sport long enough to know that hard work and a lot of practice are key to a successful racing career.

He was recently given the keys to a driver development tool that is helping him progress through the early stages of his career.

The APEX4 GTC, a professional motorsports simulation solution built by SimCraft, will not only give him the visuals needed to learn tracks and racecraft, but also the advanced technology to feel the car as he trains. The APEX4 features four degrees of freedom, Roll, Pitch, Yaw, and Surge, and is capable of simulating the feel of the full banking of Daytona, while providing the sensation of full oversteer at the same time.

“The SimCraft APEX4 has been great for me and my development,” said Ty Gibbs. “It’s not always easy to just get on a race track to turn laps, but using the SimCraft has allowed me to gain experience and give me important feedback that helps me get better.”

SimCraft motion architecture is derived directly from measured physics. With the use of proper mechanics and the combination of vehicle dynamics, terrain orientation, and changing track conditions, the SimCraft motion technology can provide the type of feedback necessary for advanced driver development. Sophisticated simulation software offerings such as iRacing, which is one of 60 different SimCraft software integrations, have become the development source for drivers in real life racing series’ across the world.

Utilizing iRacing’s online simulation software in conjunction with SimCraft’s motion architecture structure provides the most realistic virtual racing experience a driver like Gibbs can get without actually going to the track. Getting seat time can be challenging for drivers so having the ability to login and race from home, at any time, provides a driver with an edge when he or she shows up at the track.

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