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SimCraft is the creator of a proprietary motion simulation technology, and manufactures simulation equipment integrating this technology, including professional driver in the loop racing simulators.   The motion simulator technology, in development since 1998, is designed to recreate the manner in which vehicles move in earth physics, allowing for an extremely hi-fidelity simulation experience.
SimCraft’s core innovation and technology is a unique approach to the motion simulation of vehicle movement. The company’s proprietary motion technology provides advanced motion simulation once only available for military and commercial training.  A unique “center of mass” system architecture allows for zero perceived latency from controls in to motion response out. The high performance motion system provides an unparalleled virtual environment for developing high-speed car control skills, experimentation with vehicle setups, and ultimately being the first motion simulation system which has brought the feeling of contact patch and seat of your pants feel to reality in any professional level racing simulator.
Realistic Motion Simulator Technology based on physics
Realistic Motion Simulator Technology, the only method based on physics, specifically the study of rigid body dynamics
The SimCraft story began in 1997 with an idea; born from the late William MacDonald; for a balanced, “center of mass” architecture to reduce the need for expensive high force actuation. This one idea created the concept for a new, more effective, more organic, and more affordable way to simulate vehicle movement and dynamics. William MacDonald, whose specific interest was aviation simulation, completed several versions of the new motion simulation method in fully functional applications and launching the first SimCraft product in 1999. Despite further revisions to the system, at the time of his passing, only a couple years later, the vision of William MacDonald for a distributable motion simulator was still unfulfilled. By mid-2003, Sean Patrick MacDonald, the founders son, began a complete refinement on what is now established as the SimCraft motion simulation architecture, the only one based on the principles of rigid body dynamics.
The company launched the first of the APEX product line in January, 2009 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. APEX simulator systems enable drivers to develop and enhance their high speed car control skills and empower engineers to optimize car setups, efficiently and effectively, on any track, in any car, any day, all day.   SimCraft’s team has been working with professionals and serious amateurs in motorsports, specifically because it is within this group where the company’s benchmark of high performance is tested and defined. Taking in these experiences and feedback over the years, the company prototyped many different versions of the SimCraft application.   Today, SimCraft offers a complete lineup of professional racing simulation options in a vast array of motion technology and price points.  
APEX Professional Racing Simulator products range from a 2DOF (yaw and pitch) simulator to a full motion, six degree of freedom unit, the APEX6, with numerous options within each model.
SimCraft is headquartered in Marietta, GA just outside Atlanta, USA.