Professional Praise for SimCraft APEX Racing Simulators, the only sims with Motion Technology based on physics

SimCraft is the sim that provides the best feedback and is the best representation of what we do as race car drivers in real life.
Jordan Taylor
IMSA Champion
"I have been in motion simulators before and they were not that accurate...and then I drove the SimCraft motion is second to none."
Denny Hamlin
NASCAR Cup Driver
"SimCraft is the most realistic simulation solution on the market. Not only is it a great training tool, but it’s incredibly fun, that’s the most important part. All of the controls feel super realistic and very connected to the software solutions. Having the unit has been very valuable to our on-track performance."
Justin Algaier
NASCAR Cup Driver
"There is only one style of sim I can drive, it has to be a SimCraft APEX. SimCraft is the only sim I have driven where the motion feels natural, like driving a race car!"
Spencer Pumpbelly
IMSA & PWC Driver
"I used to strongly dislike sims until I drove an APEX4 GTS from SimCraft, and before I finished my first lap, my opinion of sims completely changed. I had driven a couple before that moved the seat around and since my seat does not move around in my car, I found seat mover type sims unrealistic to drive."
Andy Lally
IMSA & PWC Driver
"Our APEX3 Formula simulator provides us with a new tool in attracting driver talent and in developing younger drivers. The simulator also allows our team unlimited seat and testing time and is becoming an enabling center piece of collaboration between drivers and engineers for race preparation." Sam Schmidt, Team Owner Sam Schmidt Motorsports IndyCar and IndyLights Championship Team SSM
Sam Schmidt
Sam Schmidt Motorsports
"With racing governing bodies restricting testing, driver seat time has been impacted the most. Therefore simulators become an important part in a driver's preparation leading up to a season. I believe SimCraft continues to improve their product. The brake pedal effort and sensation is really close to real life and the feedback at the wheel and the strength needed to drive it gives me a good workout as well." Simon Pagenaud, IndyCar Driver Sam Schmidt Motorsports
Simon Pagenaud
IndyCar Driver Sam Schmidt Motorsports
"Use of the APEX simulator in the classroom allows students to experience accurate race car dynamics at track speed before getting out onto the circuit. SimCraft technology, with its "seat of the pants" feel characteristics is a big step towards more efficient and more economical driver training."
Skip Barber Racing School